In an interview with Chelyen Davis of the Free Lance Star, Governor Kaine notes that his proposal to double the cigarette tax is a “value vote.”  He acknowledges that it will generate intense opposition, but maintains that even the debate will “help in clarifying.. what people’s political philosophies are.”
If the Republicans don’t want to go [...]

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I referred yesterday to a Washington Post story which noted that political insiders were speculating that Terry McAuliffe might raise as much as $80 million dollars in a campaign for Governor of Virginia, up $10 million from the $70 million figure that had been bandied about just the previous week.
The McAuliffe camp has told me [...]

Every now and then a book comes along that captures the political moment in an especially compelling way. It manages to crystallize what many of us are thinking but can’t quite articulate. And it does so with a precision of language, quality of thought, and clarity of perception that  keeps us nodding our heads in agreement [...]

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It seems that every day the over/under number on the cash register for Terry McAuliffe’s unannounced run for Governor gets a little larger.
Tim Craig at The Washington Post puts the figure on McAuliffe’s potential fund raising today at $80 million ($10 more than the previous high bid), bringing the possible cost of the entire gubernatorial campaign on [...]

I first met Jim Webb when I moderated his initial senatorial debate against George Allen in the summer of 2006. Although Webb was a decided underdog, it was obvious that his decision to run was not made frivolously.
He was intent on bringing two deeply held convictions before the public. He believed that the war in [...]

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I read recently that applications to the University of Virginia are up 18% over this time last year.  It’s no surprise. In an economic downturn, Virginia’s flagship public universities are looking mighty attractive to students and parents who might have considered going private when times were flush.
I have spoken with a number of Assembly members from Northern Virginia in [...]

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