Virginia Will Get $5.6 Billion from the Total Obama Stimulus Package
Virginia Senate Says No to Payday Lenders
Obenshain Bill to Privatize ABC Sales Dies in Senate Committee
May Bill Proposes Public-Private Partnerships to Turn Landfills Into Electricity Sources
Orrock Bill Would Create Toll Authority for the Fredericksburg Area
Hampton Roads Anti-Blight Bill Advocates Make Progress in Addressing Property Rights [...]

The Weekly Standard, a conservative opinion leader, published a major piece on Bob McDonnell last week. The article confirmed my sense that the McDonnell candidacy is attracting GOP attention nationwide.
Republicans who meet McDonnell from outside the state are invariably impressed. Political insiders tend to make quick and brutally honest assessments of candidates- snap judgments about [...]


Lots of state budget talk has focused on the proposed cigarette tax to help fund Medicaid. Examples:  “The tax will be paid by a population that increases health care costs for everybody.” Or: “Any tax at this time would be regressive and therefore untenable.”
But it isn’t just about imposing a new tax. It’s about providing [...]

Regional Transportation Officials Expect Stimulus Package to Double Federal Spending on Roads in VA-MD
Stimulus Package Makes Timing of Virginia Budget Uncertain
Rising Unemployment Causing Doubling of State Unemployment Tax Paid by Business
House Finance Subcommittee Rejects Kaine’s Tobacco Tax Proposal
House Education Committee Votes To Allow Parents One Year to Appeal Due Process Special Education Decision, Goes Against [...]

It is an amazingly puzzling question why House of Delegates Republicans continue to miss the changes taking place in the body politic when almost everyone else can see them!
Here’s the picture. Two “good government” bills promoted by the Governor and the Democratic minority are assigned to a subcommittee composed of four Republicans and two Democrats: [...]

Virginia May Get Nearly $4 Billion in Stimulus Funding, Legislators and Kaine Administration Plan Contingencies
GOP Pushes Health Care Legislation
Senate Passes Obenshain and Martin Bills to Expand Death Penalty
Albo Proposes Increasing Tuition for Slowpoke Students on the Five Year Plan
Spruill Calls for More Financial Education in Virginia’s Schools
Equality Virginia Pushes Anti-Discrimination Bill
Recession Hits Home as Region’s [...]

I’ve been writing how organized education groups  have opposed the Governor’s budget recommendation to alter the funding formula for schools, particularly as it relates to non-instructional personnel,  as a means of achieving the $400 million reduction in K-12 spending necessary to balance the state budget.
The coalition’s position got a huge boost yesterday when Republicans Bob Tata [...]

Stimulus Bill Sends Thrill Through Region
McAuliffe Launches Ads in Hampton Roads
Recount Confirms Herring Victory, She Takes Seat in House
Tata and Hamilton Raise Questions about Kaine’s Proposal to Change Funding Formula for K-12 Education, Adding GOP Voice to Rising Concern
Senate  Commerce Committee Votes to Block Perceived End Run By Payday Lenders
Virginia Senate Panel Votes to Tighten [...]

Tim Kaine has taken a lot of grief for his decision to accept the DNC post while serving out his last year as Virginia governor.
Media reports have focused on the difficulty of performing two significant full-time jobs well, especially given the declining economic conditions facing the state.
GOP critics have focused on the inherent contradiction of simultaneously [...]