The Post Assesses Kaine’s Legacy
Assembly Adjourns, Using Stimulus Money to Forestall Drastic Cuts
AP’s Legislative Wrap-up
Assembly Approves Political Apparel at Voting Booths
 Roanoke Legislators Score Assembly Wins
 Assembly Approves $34 Million for Central Virginia Training Center
Senate Conferees Reject Early Retirement Program for Teachers
Assembly Passes Novelty Lighter Ban
Virginia’s English Learners Test 1st in Nation in 4th Grade Reading

William Fralin, a member of the House of Delegates since 2004, announced today that he will not run for re-election this November, citing family and business obligations.
A Republican who represents parts of Botetourt and Roanoke counties, Fralin had gained respect from members of both parties for his intelligence, civility, and his genuine commitment to public service.
Fralin’s [...]

Negotiators Reach Late Budget Deal
McDonnell Asks Rivals to Support Drilling
State Ag Chief Haymore Asks Consumers Not To Boycott Virginia Peanuts
Cantor Says Obama Trying to Do Too Much At Once
Forbes, Cantor and Wolf Do Not Want Any Guantanamo Prisoners Transferred to Virginia
Valentine Says Darfur Genocide Bill May Come Back Next Year
Stolle Takes Lead Against Public-Private Bridge
Longest [...]

This seems to be the overall theme quickly emerging for the 2009 gubernatorial campaign.
From both parties.
Bob McDonnell will argue that he has spent two decades helping to solve Virginia’s major problems- welfare reform, juvenile justice, internet predators- and that he wants to be elected Governor to help fix the problems that Virginians are talking about [...]

Budget Negotiators Report Progress
Kaine Will Veto Guns in Bars Bill
Kaine Predicts Bruising Democratic Primary
Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Court Gay Vote
Bill Mims Confirmed as Virginia Attorney General
Assembly Passes Bill Keeping Public from Having Access to Statewide Database of Concealed Weapons Holders
Senate Kills Stolle Bill Opening Hanpton Roads HOV Lanes to Military Personnel
Tough Times in MD and VA [...]

Jeff Schapiro and Tyler Whitley report on the RTD this evening that House negotiators have retreated on the chamber’s demand that Virginia colleges and universities take more out-of-state students.
The effort, led by northern Virginia Republicans Dave Albo, Clay Athey and Tim Hugo, passed the entire House. But it was opposed by the leaders and board members [...]

Budget Negotiators Move Slowly
UVa Professor Jon Cannon Picked for Number 2 Post at EPA
VA. Supreme Court Hears Southern Environmental Law Center Suit Against Coal Fired Power Plant in Wise County
New Crackdown on Payday Lenders Heads to Kaine
Assembly Approves Cuccinelli-Cline Bill to Track Spending Online
Bills To Expand Death Penalty to People Who Kill Fire Marshalls and [...]

 Four Senators (Saslaw, Houck, Colgan and Wampler) and four Delegates (Cox, Hamilton, Hogan and Joannou) are conferring for the purpose of developing the public education budget for the second year of this biennium.
 Going into this session, education advocates perceived there to be two battles - minimizing the cuts and keeping the cuts from being permanent.
 The [...]

Democrats wasted no time in trying to paint GOP Gubernatorial nominee-in-waiting, Bob McDonnell, into a political corner by urging him to agree to accept 100% of the stimulus money offered by the federal government, and reject Louisiana Governor Jindal’s selective refusal to accept certain of the goodies, because of his concern over the long term [...]

Virginia Congressional  Delegation Reacts to Obama
House-Senate Conferees Agree to $357 Million in Stimulus Money for K-12 and $130 Million for Higher Ed
Assembly Eliminates Triggerman Rule for Death Penalty, Cuccinelli Opposes It
Kaine Says Limits on Out-of-State Students Troubling
Bill to Let Restaurant Patrons with Concealed Weapon Permit Carry Guns Passes House
Bill to Protect Petitioners Passed by the [...]