Jeff Frederick announced this morning that he will not seek reelection and will concentrate on his duties as Chair of the Virginia Republican Party.

Amy Frederick, Jeff’s wife, notes that she is “leaning toward running.”

Virginia’s Future PAC has a Facebook post up this morning asking Republicans to “Help Jeff convince Amy to run (because) Amy Frederick is just the person to continue the work Jeff started.”  (emphasis theirs)

The post asks potential supporters to send Amy a note of encouragement and some “extra convincing.”  In the language of politics, extra convincing is a polite term for a financial contribution. 

Frederick’s district voted overwhelmingly for Obama and it is a seat that the  Democrats will clearly be targeting in November. Frederick was able to maintain the seat, in part, because of his extraordinary level of energy and visibility with his constituents. I presume that Amy Frederick would bring the same level of passion to the campaign, something that would be crucial to the hopes of any Republican trying to hold the seat for the party.

But there is the little matter of Amy Frederick’s missive to Speaker Howell last May.

Appalled that Howell had written Republicans (including a list that she was on) qualifications and endorsing Jeff’s opponent, John Hager, in the contest for Chairman of the Republican Party, Amy Frederick had a few choice words for the Speaker.

Can you imagine your reaction if Jeff sent a letter to your wife Cessie telling her- - in light of the House Republican Caucus losing eleven seats since you became Speaker– that you should not be Speaker any more? That the House GOP has gone from a very healthy governing majority to now a slim three seat majority under your leadership and therefore you’re not best qualified to be Speaker… It is amazing that the Old Guard has betrayed grassroots conservatives on so many issues, yet still feels it can dictate to the grassroots who they can select as Party leaders…Please take Mrs. Amy Frederick out of your contacts.”

Bill Howell and the Speaker’s Office have been utilizing a lot of the new political technology lately and he has been taking every step possible to position the House GOP to retain its majority.

Still, I doubt that he’ll be on Facebook today, giving Amy Frederick a little extra convincing.

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