In a previous post, I referred to last May’s letter from Amy Frederick to Bill Howell and noted that it was written, in part, out of a concern that Jeff Frederick’s qualifications had been questioned by the Speaker. In her note to Howell, Amy Frederick said “it takes some nerve for you to write me to outline all the reasons my husband should not be Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.”

I should note that the actual letter Bill Howell sent out to Republicans that prompted Amy Frederick’s response was a very strong endorsement for John Hager that included absolutely nothing negative about Jeff Frederick.

Howell’s letter lamented the ‘revolving door” of executive directors at RPV; it cited Hager’s accomplishments in party fundraising and in developing regional offices;  and it eloquently stated the Speaker’s concern that the stakes in the 2009 elections are extraordinarily high because the results will determine which party controls the redistricting process in the House and for Virginia’s congressional delegation.

Howell’s letter made only a single reference to Jeff Frederick.  He said: “While Jeff Frederick is a fine Delegate, I believe that John Hager’s leadership is best for our party at this important time.”

In sending his letter recommending Hager, Howell was obviously aware that it would not be received favorably in all quarters and having the Speaker enter the fray would be seen by some as controversial. But the letter was exclusively a brief for Hager, not an attack on Jeff Frederick.

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