I always tell reporters when they ask me about Congressman Rob Wittman that I have a conflict of interest in commenting about him. Rob was a Ph.D. student when I was teaching at VCU and wrote his dissertation under me. 

He’s a very smart guy and there may be no one in the country who knows more about shellfish sanitation policy than Rob. Besides his smarts, he is also a wonderful person: hard-working, unpretentious and always considerate of others. I have no doubt that he’ll represent Virginia very well.

Even if I didn’t know Rob, however, I still think that his most recent initiative-  the Crosscut Bay Budget and Information System- is a long overdue idea. In essence, Wittman wants every entity that is working on bay issues- states, localities, nonprofits- to be able to track what is being spent where and what impact it is actually having

Wittman notes that the Bay is a critical stage and we need a much better coordinated approach to saving it. We’ll need, of course,  a lot more than a coordinated information and budget system. But Rob’s idea makes great sense.

I wish that I could say that I had raised the idea with Rob when we were working together. But the credit is all his.

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