I wrote yesterday that Governor Bobby Jindal’s decision to say “thanks but no thanks” to some of the federal stimulus dollars due Louisiana had major political implications.

Jindal  effectively forced the hand of every other GOP Governor thinking of running for President in 2012.  While we’re almost three years away from the first primary, Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenty and Mark Sanford have to decide whether they are going to follow Jindal’s lead or stake out an alternative position.

Governors can no longer simply say they are for or against the stimulus package- the proof for those who claim it is a bad plan is whether they’re really willing to say “no thanks” to some of the money.

But I also mentioned that that the “Louisiana Governor may well have introduced a new dimension into the 20o9 statewide races in Virginia” as Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling will also have to decide whether they agree with Jindal’s decision to bypass stimulus dollars.

Forget about the May Have.

This afternoon the Democratic Party of Virginia, a few hours before McDonnell was to address the Republican Governors Association,  called on the presuumptive GOP nominee “to distance himself from Jindal’s stand and pledge to accept all federal funds coming to Virginia.”

The Dems assert that Jindal has left “unemployed Louisianans on the street” and that McDonnell ought to pledge to “put Virginians first.”

Tomorrow evening, Jindal will give the GOP to President Obama’s Message to Congress.

Republicans everywhere, including Virginia, will have to decide where they stand on the marker that Jindal has boldly set down.

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  1. I posed your question to both McDonnell and Bolling. Their responses can be found here:


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