I noted yesterday that Bobby Jindal’s decision to say “thanks, but no thanks” to some federal stimulus dollars not only posed a challenge to all other GOP governors who are thinking of running for President in 2012, but raised the question of whether Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling, both who have expressed serious reservations about the package, would advocate following Jindal’s lead in Virginia. 

Late yesterday afternoon the Virginia Democratic Party called on McDonnell to repudiate Jindal and express his support for taking every stimulus dollar due Virginia.

Norm Leahy has done a great job following up on the issue.

Early this afternoon, he posted an article in Red State in which he maintained that it was incumbent on McDonnell and Bolling to take a stance on Jindal’s initiative.

And by late afternoon, he had obtained answers from Tucker Martin at the McDonnell campaign and Randy Marcus, Bill Bolling’s Chief of Staff.  He published their responses on  Tertium Quids.

They key quote in the McDonnell campaign’s response is this:

“The legislation should have contained more immediate tax cuts and measures to stimulate job creation and business investment in the current year. It is highly disappointing that only 6% goes to Virginia’s most critical need, and that is transportation infrastructure. However, the bill has now passed and since Virginia taxpayers will pay their share of its cost, they should participate in any benefits that can be recognized from it.”

Read the McDonnell’s campaign’s complete answer for yourself, but I don’t interpret it as a Jindal-like “thanks but no thanks.” 

How about “It’s not what I would have done, but we’ll take it.”

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