Kaine Elaborates on Choose Life License Plate
Kaine to Restore Some Aid to Public Broadcasting
Kaine Softens Electricity Consumption Proposal
McDonnell Campaign Brings Jobs Message to Lynchburg
Keep Taxes,Regulations Low McDonnell Says at UVA
Frederick Corrects House Campaign Filing
Dominion Seeks 6.9% Rate Increase
Why It’s Legal to Buy Gas and a Soda on I-95 in Maryland But Not in Virginia
Nearly 9% [...]

You knew something was up.
When the press release accompanying Tim Kaine’s signature on the bill creating a “Choose Life” license plate came with an explanation and a virtual invitation to Planned Parenthood to design a plate of its own.
In one respect, it’s not a big deal.
As the Governor said, Virginia has already decided that it’s okay [...]

Supreme Court Won’t Revive Virginia’s Anti-Spam Law
Kaine Proposes to Seek Expanded Unemployment Benefits Through the Federal Stimulus Package
Kaine Signs Bill to Create “Choose Life” License Plate
Kaine Infuriates Abortion Rights Backers
Kaine to Speak at NC Democratic Dinner
Frederick Hires Lawyer Ahead of Ouster Fight
Huckabee Campaigns With McDonnell
McAuliffe’s FundRaising: High Dollar, High Mileage
AFSCME Endorses McAuliffe
Joe Morrissey Sues Style [...]

The Feds are offering Virginia $125 million to help the unemployed who seriously need the help. 
Accepting it is a no brainer, right? 
Well, not to some elected officials and most of the business community who see it differently and argue that Virginia should “just say no.” 
House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong seemed incredulous: “I don’t see how you [...]

Perriello Meets With Jobless
Huckabee Will Raise Cash for McDonnell in Virginia Beach
Moran and Democratic LG Hopefuls Meet and Greet in Danville Residence
State to Hold Farm Export Conference in Suffolk
Dominion Power Will File Rate Request This Week
Dominion Continues Construction of Coal-Fired Plant in Wise
Virginia Could Seek Waiver to Privatize Rest Areas
Albemarle’s Fiscal Future Remains Uncertain
Interest [...]

1. 98 Jobs
That’s how many Terry McAuliffe has already created on his gubernatorial campaign staff. Given his mantra of “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs,” I guess you have to say that he is putting his money where his mouth is. Anita Kumar of The Post contacted all the candidates and discovered that McAuliffe has more paid staffers than the [...]

 McDonnell Officially Begins Campaign for Governor
 Democrats Pitch Resumes to Youths
Moran Endorsed By Ebbin, Young Dems
Gilbert, Obenshain Take Concerns Over VDOT to Kaine
Cash to Virginia from Stimulus Goes Far Beyond $4.8 Billion Estimate
 The Stimulus: What’s In It for You
Is the Answer to Central Appalachia’s Energy Needs Blowing in the Wind
How Does a Wind Farm Work?
Virginia Beach [...]

Cantor Receives Money from Bailed Out Firms PACS
Virginia Unemployment Climbs to 6.6%
Kaine Vetoes Death Penalty, Gun Bills
Kaine Signs Economic Development Bills
Romney to Headline State GOP Gala
Gingrich Headlines Bolling Kickoff
Frank Hall to Retire from House and Accept Appointment on ABC Board
Huckabee Coming Back to Lynchburg
Bid to Privatize Virginia Port Operations Made Public
State Transportation Chief to Review [...]

Terry McAuliffe called this week for a complete ban on gifts and trips from lobbyists for all legislators and members of the executive branch.
The Moran camp and the Republican Governor’s Association each used the proposal as an opportunity to brand McAuliffe a hypocrite.
Pointing to a fundraiser that McAuliffe had attended sponsored in part by a well [...]

Webb Calls for Criminal Justice Review
Kaine Considers Jobless Benefits Changes in Order to Accept Stimulus Money
Kaine Has Granted More “Simple Pardons” Than Any of 9 Previous Virginia Governors
McDonnell to Kick Off Campaign Today
Moran Outlines Recovery Plan
McAuliffe’s Ties To Lobbyists
McAuliffe Calls for Ban on Lobbyist Gifts
Ex-Lobbyist in Running for U.S. Attorney Job
Obenshain and Valentine Clash on [...]