McCain and Cantor Announce the National Council for a New America
Two Possible Cases of Swine Flu in Virginia
More Democratic Money Pours into Governor’s Race Against McDonnell
Kaine Weighs in Against McDonnell
Clinton to Fundraise for McAuliffe in Hampton Roads
Continuing Debate Over Unemployment Insurance Benefits
Thousands in NOVA Face Tax Increases
DC Area Road/Bridge Projects Mean Gains for Virginia Commuters
Hackers [...]

It’s quiet now among Republicans in Virginia.  The fratricide plaguing the state GOP no longer commands headlines.  The participants plan their next moves by text, emails and phones. 
 But make no mistake the battle rages and will erupt again.  The fissures are too deep and the visions for the Party’s future too diverse to remain submerged [...]

Scott Breaks with Obama Calls for Prosecutions
Nye Votes No on Obama Budget Plan, Perriello Absent
Cantor Hit for No Vote on Obama Budget
Virginia to Open Swine Flu Call Center, Gets First Shipment of Antiviral Drug
Southwest Virginia Still Seeing Prescription Drug Death Pandemic Report Says
McDonnell, Howell Want Congress to Remove Strings From Jobless Funds
Poll Puts McDonnell Ahead [...]

How’s that for going out on a limb?
In a poll released yesterday among 409 “likely” Democratic primary voters, McAuliffe led with 38% while Moran and Deeds each polled 22%.  Interestingly, 64% of those polled said they could change their mind and vote for a different candidate in June.
I have been a broken record about the [...]

Eva Hardy to Join Warner’s Team
Kaine and Perriello to Make Infrastructure Announcement in Danville
Democrats Pull No Punches in Danville Debate
Uranium, Energy Big Issues at Danville Forum
Dems Gird for Second Debate in 2 Days
Fred Thompson Raises %170,000 for McDonnell
Bevill Dean and Jim Holland Expected to Announce Suppport for Moran
Major Front in Virginia Race is Online
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Cantor, Obama Let Sparks Fly
Clinton Says McAuliffe Will Create Jobs
Bill Clinton Campaigns in Richmond for McAuliffe
Moran Gambles on Same Sex Union Issue
Scott’s Non-Endorsement Endorsement?
McDonnell, Bolling Energy Plans
Danville, Pittsylvania Expect Low Turnout for June 9th Primary
The GOP AG Race
5 House Candidates Who Have Raised $100,000
Fine But No Jail Time for Man Behind Sessoms Fliers
Energy Summit at [...]

That’s what Bill Clinton said about Terry McAuliffe and the Virginia gubernatorial campaign this morning.
Clinton was in town to help out his good friend and former fundraiser.
While the crowd was not nearly the size of audience that he used to draw, Clinton was worth seeing.
He spoke about the importance of governors to the economic recovery [...]

Democratic Candidates Tailor Messages to African-American Voters
House Incumbents Take Early Lead in Money Race
Three Way Race in 91st House District as Poquoson Mayor Helsel to Challenge Gear as an Independent
Small Business Braces for Obama Tax Fight
Newport News Lands Lucrative New Jobs
Environmental Coalition Says New Coal Plant in Surry Will Lead to Higher Rates
Total Government Spending [...]

This morning Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling will unveil their plan for Virginia’s energy future.
This comes on top of a primary contest in which the Democratic candidates have been arguing about who’s the “greenest” of the three.
It is the first gubernatorial election in Virginia that has had energy matters (pardon the bad pun)  on the [...]

Leaders and Residents on Hand for Opening of Webb’s New Office in Danville
Hampton Roads Region, Other Urban Areas and Clleges/Universities May Be, According to Report, Potential Targets of Terrorist Recruiting
Gubernatorial Race Gets Heated
Bill Clinton to Campaign with McAuliffe
McDonnell’s Cash Woes?
Campaign Donations Down Statewide
Democratic Challenger Lesinski Calls Out Gilbert on Unemployment Insurance Benefits
At 81, Putney’s Ready to [...]