Kaine Rallies Florida Dems
Moran Wins Fairfax Straw Poll
Deeds Picks Up More Newspaper Support
Candidates Eye Campaign’s Final Week
McDonnell’s Campign Manager’s Past Links with Faith and Family Allicance Raise Questions
Wagner and Signer Run for Democratic Lieutenant Governor Nod
Report Shows Record and More Diverse Public School Enrollment
Pressure May Increase to Develop Regulations for Using Restraints in Public Schools
Seeking [...]

1. The Yes Man
That’s what Bob McDonnell says he will be as Governor. In his acceptance speech at the Republican convention, McDonnell argued that in the upcoming campaign it’ll be the Democrats, not the GOP who’ll be the “Party of No.”  McDonnell contended that he’ll be the candidate of new ideas and it’ll be the Democrats [...]

McDonnell Accepts GOP Nomination
McDonnell Acceptance Speech
Cuccinelli Bolling Join McDonnell
Cuccinelli Electrifies Conservatives at Convention
GOP Convention Targets McAuliffe
Democratic Candidates Vow to Create Jobs, Details are Slim
Community Colleges Get Student Influx in Bad Times
Stimulus Package Being Felt in Virginia
SCC Orders Phone Company to Lower Access Fees
Jeff Helgeson Profile: Seeking GOP 23rd District Nomination
Scott Garrett Profile: Seeking GOP 23rd [...]

Politicians Line Up to Visit Martinsville, But Promises Ring Hollow
Taliaferrro Family Asks Kaine to Investigate Case
Romney Says GOP Doesn’t Need a Makeover
Terry McAuliffe Blazes Different Virginia Trail
McAuliffe Denies Cash Offered to Nader
McAuliffe, Deeds Air Ads, Moran Begins Tour
Democratic Ad Scorecard
McAuliffe Radio Ad Features Clinton
NRC Goes After Perriello for Pelosi Vote
Fairfax Sues Krispy Kreme for Grease [...]

I was able to spend some time this evening at the Marriott talking with convention attendees about tomorrow’s event and the upcoming campaigns.
A very unscientific sample, based on who I happened to see.
Here’s what I heard.
The AG Race
The Cuccinelli camp appears to be quietly confident about a first ballot victory. One member of the General [...]

I discuss the gubernatorial race with NPR’s Mara Liasson during her story on Morning Edition today.

GOP in Richmond: Republicans to Pick Ticket
Deeds Has History of Beating the Odds
McAuliffe gets Richmond Free Press Endorsement
Nader Says McAuliffe Offered Money to Avoid Key States in 2004
Bad Blood Between McAuliffe and Plotkin
Democratic Hopefuls for Governor Amplify Ads
McDonnell Unveils Anti-Gang Plan
GOP 3 Way AG Rivalry Poses Tough Choice
Brownlee Seeks Probe of Attack Robocalls
GOP Sets Sights [...]

10.    Consistently shown as best placed to beat General Bob.
 9.      Ward Armstrong knows who’ll fight hardest to make him  Speaker.
 8.      He’ll fix this %&$^@# transportation mess (yes, I was on 95, 64 and 264 during the Memorial Day weekend).
 7.      He’s been to Martinsville more times recently than I have.
 6.      His only Whoppers have come from [...]

On the eve of the GOP Convention in Richmond, and with a least two potentially divisive contests on the horizon, attendees should reflect on why this Convention takes place.  Or at least primarily why.
Obviously, it is to nominate candidates who are competitive in the upcoming general election and who have reasonable prospects to win in [...]

Who’s going to win the Democratic Primary and why are they going to win  it ?
Barnie Day has told us his pick in a recent post.
Who’s yours?
I’ll post a number of the responses as we head toward June 9th.