This is what has happened over the last three weeks.
The GOP slammed Governor Kaine for not disclosing all of his out-of-state travel undertaken during his second shift as Chair of the Democratic National Committee.
Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling writes an op-ed in The Washington Times predicting that the next Governor will “likely inherit a financial mess.”  He [...]

Biden Introduces Kaine as the “Great Governor of New Jersey”
Hot and Heavy House Races
VITA Contract is 6 Months Late, Says Official
Doctors Reluctant To Prescribe Painkillers Because of Hacker Into State Database
Virginia Legislative Panel Discusses Car Title Lending
GOP Drops Legal Fight to Kaine’s Travel Records, Will Battle in Court of Public Opinion
Travel Drop Predicted in Virginia, [...]

Message development is a huge, worldwide business.  Corporations spend billions on it annually.
Of course, message is conveyed by language, the most powerful tool available to a political campaign-easily more powerful than money-yet campaigns often give it short shrift. 
At base level, message development is not complicated.  The most effective messages have three characteristics in common.
Let’s suppose [...]

Bill Bolling on Virginia’s Financial Bull Run
The G-Man is Sniffing at the Capital
Charter Schools Face Uphill Climb in Virginia
New Laws Hit Books Wednesday
Law Aims to Bring Texting Behind Wheel to a Full Stop
Krystal Ball Gets Started Early in Bid for Rob Wittman’s Seat
Portsmouth Vision Starts with Luring Residents Downtown
What’s in a Name, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, [...]

Asked 11 of us for our first take on the Governor’s race.

1. You Give Love a Bad Name
Is my favorite Bon Jovi song.  Well, Governor Mark Sanford did all that and more this week with his Argentinian hijinks, his remarkable press conference about “that sparking thing,” and his extraordinary Cabinet meeting when he compared himself to King David. I won’t even discuss what he’s done to the [...]

Experts Weigh in On Keys to November Victory
11 Views of the Governor’s Race
For GOP Taxes Retain Potency
Valentine Gears Up for Tough Campaign Fight
Periello Backs Climate Change Bill, Goodlatte Doesn’t
New State Laws Take Effect Wednesday
A New Crop of Women Farmers
Gun Rights Advocates Says Richmond Colisuem Staff Challenged Free Speech Rights
Army Corps Says Norfolk Jordan Bridge Design [...]

It’s almost like old times.
The Democrats in Congress are talking about and voting on liberal legislation.
And the Virginia GOP wants to know what Democrats in the Commonwealth think about it.
Bob McDonnell is keeping the pressure up.
Cap and Trade, Creigh. 
Where do you stand?
Card Check….Creigh,
Are you supporting the unions?
And by the way, Creigh, what about those “conservative” [...]

Kaine to GOP: No Travel Records for You
Deeds McDonnell Say They Can Improve Transportation Without Raising Taxes
Deeds Takes Fire from Gingrich Group
Scott Signs Letter to Suspend Military Policy Against Gays, Nye Does Not
Tom Davis Says “Probably Not” on Becoming Cyber Czar
Chesapeake Bay Foundation Blasts Proposed Surry Coal Plant
First Round of Stimulus Funds Released for State [...]

Kaine Says Traveling Without Security Unthinkable
Kaine Says Liberty Solved Controversy “Perfectly”
Randy Forbes Floats Plan for Energy Independence
U.S. Department of Justice Won’t Appeal King William Reservoir Ruling
GOP Names to Appear First on Virginia Ballot
Leigh Ann Collier to be Demcorats Interim Executive Director
Acting Head of VITA Praises Workers, Tells Them to Ignore Critics
Virginia Third Graders to Get [...]