Michelle Obama Says Sailors Deserve a Thank You
Kaine Out of State 4 of Last 10 Days
Kaine’s Weekend Travel and More
Kaine Wants To Expand Scope of Special Session
Kaine Says More Cuts Are Likely
McDonnell Writes Kaine on Ideas to Reopen Rest Stops
Dems Liken McDonnell Campaign to the Bush Era
McDonnell Secures a Vote or Two
Creigh Deeds to Make [...]

The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that the odds are increasing that there will be no congressional vote on “card check” legislation this year.
This is probably good news for Democrats running statewide inasmuch as Virginia has become Ground Zero of the state-based campaign against the legislation.
The National Right to Work Committee selected Virginia as [...]

Governor Kaine today accused Congressman Eric Cantor of being principally responsible for the death of 18 Virginia rest stops.
The Governor observed that the House GOP Whip lobbied fellow Republicans to oppose the proposal advanced by Frank Wolf and supported byKaine that would have enabled the state to privatize the rest stops and allow private companies to [...]

Letters Sent to Perriello Called Fakes, Area Advocates Named Forged by D.C. Lobbyist
Kaine Blames Cantor on Rest Stops
Obama to Mark Webb’s GI Bill
Kaine Says VITA Should Answer to Governor
Kaine Says Some Don’t Want Tech Panel to Reconvene
Deeds Picks Up Another Kaine Staffer
Steve Shannon Outlines Priorities in Roanoke
Democrats Say Stimulus Bill Pulled Economy from Brink
Virginia Beach [...]

Obama Returns to Bristol to Talk About Health Care
Health Care Q&A with President Obama in Bristol
Battleground Bristol
Protestors in Bristol Say Health Care’s Not Broken
SURVEYUSA Poll Has GOP Ticket with Double Digit Leads
Wilder Gives Surprising Praise to McDonnell, Cautions Deeds Against “Me Too”
Candidates Diverge on Using Obama
Cantor Pulls in Big Bucks for His Top Lieutenants
Warner and [...]

In the playbook, it known as a WAKE-UP CALL:
An early poll that should compel you to think about what in the world you’re doing
The entire Democratic ticket is behind by double digits in the latest SURVEY USA poll.
That’s right. Double digits. The entire ticket.
McDonnell-Deeds   55-40
Bolling-Wagner       54-42
Cuccinelli- Shannon  53-42
Maybe, perhaps, just possibly…
The Democrats will start to understand that [...]

Specifics of Road Proposals Remain Elusive
Kaine Zings Palin
Kaine Not Inclined to Reconvene April 1th Panel
McDonnell Calls on Assembly to Compensate Exonerated Man
Stolle Threatens Special Session Filibuster
More on Guns and Gubs
Va. Tech Victim Families, Survivors Call for Panel to Reconvene
Statement by Virginia Tech Families
Jonathan Falwell to Deliever Opening Prayer to Congress
Perriello Schedules Constituent Meetings
Shields Kicks off [...]

“Run, Creeeeigh!  Run!” 
            Those leg braces were wonderful for a while.  They helped you walk when walking was difficult.  You were grateful and paid homage to them-as well you should have.  It is your nature.  You are well mannered.  But they are a hindrance now.  For walking, they are fine.  But for running, they are [...]

Warner Ties Broadband Access to Rural Development
McDonnell Shifts on One Gun a Month
Goode Mum on Why He Won’t Seek Re-election
Goode Out But Count on Stiff Challenge to Perriello
Possible Challengers to Perriello
Business Owners Meet Nye over Health Care Overhaul
Wittman Named to Naval Academy Board of Visitors
Goodlatte Explains Opposition to Energy Bill
Law Enforcement Busy Finalizing Plans for [...]

Bits of Evidence
I received a heads-up prior to Saturday’s debate that this might happen at his matchup with McDonnell.
In the post-debate spinning contest, the Deeds campaign distributed an email calling attention to the utility rate increases that have been supported by Bob McDonnell.
Barnie Day’s post this afternoon calls for a freeze, or a moratorium and [...]