“Run, Creeeeigh!  Run!” 

            Those leg braces were wonderful for a while.  They helped you walk when walking was difficult.  You were grateful and paid homage to them-as well you should have.  It is your nature.  You are well mannered.  But they are a hindrance now.  For walking, they are fine.  But for running, they are heavy and clunky.  They have different agendas now.  They want to go one way, but you need to go another.  Cut’em loose!  Kick’em off!   

 ”Run, Creeeeigh!  Run!”

            That’s Bob McDonnell behind the wheel of that old pickup bearing down on you.  Him and his boys are pressing. Let’em press.  Let’em hoot and holler all they want to.  They want to nationalize this campaign.  Let’em do it. Let’em run on cap and trade.  Let’em run on health care.  You know who you are.  You know where home is.  You know Virginia.    

“Run, Creeeeigh!  Run!”

 Run for the home issues-the common-sense, bread-and-butter, kitchen-table issues you know so well.  Run for homeon Virginia issues.  If we’re going to cap anything, let’s cap the electric bills until we can dig ourselves out of this recession.  We don’t throw a community suffering 20% unemployment a 19% hike in the electric bills anymore than we would throw a drowning man a cinder block.     

“Run, Creeeeigh!  Run!”

            There is a difference, a fundamental difference between Democrats and Republicans.  It is a difference in how we think.  This is not a value judgment.  We’re all children of God, all good people.  But there is a difference in how we think:  When Democrats make it up the ladder of success in America, they reach back and pull someone else up behind them.  When Republicans make it, they reach back and pull the ladder up. 

“Run, Creeeeigh!  Run!”

            Run on who you are.  Kick’em braces off.  Forrest didn’t need them.  He got it all by simply being who he was.  You don’t need them.  Kick’em off and the magic will come back.  Kick’em off and show us some dust. 

 ”Run, Creeeeigh!  Run!”

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  1. Your characterization of Republicans as someone who pulls the ladder of success up after them is not only completely wrong, but laughable. Republicans, just like Democrats are individuals whose morals and values are too diverse to characterize as you so stupidly do.

  2. [...] Barnie Day is suggesting that Creigh Deeds turn his back on national Democratic politics. That’s good advice, but I’m pretty doubtful  it will work if it means he reverts to running as the third leg of the Warner/Kaine milking stool. Bob Holsworth doesn’t think so either. [...]

  3. Every time that I want to think Barnie Day can rise above political partisanship into a threshold that his opinion can actually carry some influence, he drops another load of “Republicans hate you” crap into an essay.

  4. Southsidecentral, I apologize if I have offended you. I know Republicans don’t hate anyone–and never said they do. The ladder analogy may be a poor, inaccurate one, but there is a difference, I believe. It seems to me that the Republican philosophy tends to be centered more on individual effort, more of an every-man-for-himself belief system than the I-am-my-brother’s-keeper view that generally characterizes most Democrats. I’m not saying one is better than the other, that one is right and the other is wrong. I simply believe that that is what they are. Do you not believe there is a difference? How would you characterize it? The mere fact that one calls himself or herself a Republican or a Democrat carries with it admission of partisanship. I am a Democrat. That’s just what I am. That does not mean that I am blind to the facts, though–one of the facts being at the moment: the McDonnell campaign is running circles around the Deeds effort. I know Bob and Creigh well, and have known them for years–on a personal level. Both are fine men, and fine standard-bearers for their respective philosophies. BKD

  5. Barnie,

    Thanks for the direct reply. I do agree that there is a fundamental difference between the two parties’ philosophies.

    That being said, I hate partisanship in any way, shape or form. I’m fiercely independent when it comes to political parties and so is the SouthsideCentral site.

    You’re just too damned smart to put a throwaway “ladder analogy” in an essay that you write.

    Bruce Hedrick

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