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  1. This health care debate has brought to light details which are new to me. Do the expensive Cadillac plans given corporate executives cause them to “splurge” on unnecessary tests? I think myself they might but I doubt that many would opt for a coronary bypass unless it was medically imperative. Should the extra perks be paid for only with after-tax dollars, or not?
    About the 40 million and more who lack health insurance. One informed commentator says that they get 50-70% of the medical care the insured get, at public clinics and other agencies. I have no idea of its quality, however.
    I heard a man say the other day that his body is his and that he has the right to look after it or not as he chooses. The problem arises when others in the insurance plan he is in end up subidizing some of his care. These are difficult ethical dilemmas.

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