1. whether the letters to cong Perriello’s office concerning Cap ‘n Trade are fakes or not, the Congressman sure is making every effort to paint himself the “smart, responsible” guy for voting in favor of it.

    maybe that will play in “green” Charlottesville, but it does not play well here in the boondocks. The Congressman will hear alot from us during his recess.

    from kenbridge virginia

  2. When I began teaching undergraduates in 1963, I had had no training in pedagogy but I had learned from the hundred or so teachers I had observed in college and graduate school. The experience stood me in good stead.
    In Pennsylvania and very likely in other states public schools required teacher certification but not private ones. Learning to teach in formal courses helps one avoid errors but can lead to formulaic teaching, following a set pattern.
    For what it is worth there is no alternative to love of subject and enthusiasm for students and their capabilities. Some teachers are too lost in their subject and others pander to students and the fads of the moment.

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