The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that the odds are increasing that there will be no congressional vote on “card check” legislation this year.

This is probably good news for Democrats running statewide inasmuch as Virginia has become Ground Zero of the state-based campaign against the legislation.

The National Right to Work Committee selected Virginia as the state in which it is running television ads requesting votes to contact Mark Warner and Jim Webb and ask them to vote against the bill.

The McDonnell campaign seems to issue a press release every day linking Creigh Deeds to labor groups that support card check.

This is, of course, unlikely to change very much even with legislation off the table for 2009.

But its resonance is likely to be reduced.

It’s much more difficult to get voters angry at something that may be proposed than at a matter that Congress is actually considering.

Creigh DeedsĀ is trying to find a way to refocus the campaign away from the national issues that McDonnell is pounding him on.

The sigh you’re hearing this morning- it’s one of relief from the Deeds campaign.

Maybe the national Democrats are taking this issue off the table for him.

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