Governor’s Race Erupts Over McDonnell’s Past Views
Creigh Deeds: McDonnell Thesis Could Alter Campaign
McDonnell Fights Back on Google
Deeds: California Dreaming
Season Begins for Attack Ads
Shannon Jumps In On McDonnell’s Thesis
Kaine Travel Log Shows He Was Out of State Part of 7 Days in August
IT Firm Northrop Grumman Submits Action Plan
Virginia Localities Get US Aid to Help With [...]

It felt like the end of October.
Every insider on the phone with legislators and lobbyists getting their take on what the impact might be.
The national media descending on Richmond.
One story turning a somnolent race firecracker hot.
We got the dueling emails from the competing camps.
The Democrats said that McDonnell’s thesis was the prologue to a legislative [...]

Once you read her story in the Post, you knew it would have an impact.
Gardner summarizes McDonnell’s Master’s Thesis at Regent University on family policy and the Republican Party.
She also describes how a number of themes in the thesis figured prominently in McDonnell’s legislative career, but have now been downplayed in his gubernatorial run.
And the story [...]

Bob McDonnell has blinked in the face of Creigh Deeds’ challenge on social issues, and it could be a costly tactical miscalculation.
 A few weeks back feeling beleaguered by poor polling numbers and a need to break McDonnell’s momentum, the Deeds campaign tried to shift the conversation away from economic issues and to McDonnell’s position on [...]

‘89 Thesis A Different Side of McDonnell
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Charlottesville Dialogue on Race to [...]

1. Mark Warner’s Passion
I think that a lot of people are surprised to see Senator Mark Warner in the middle of the one of the most contentious parts of the health care debate- what role the government should play in providing end-of-life counseling and assistance to patients and families- and to observe the passion with [...]

The State or the Nation?
Virginia Diners Offer Meals with Politics
Local GOP Activists Standing By Hamilton
ODU Acts to Repair Damage After Hamilton Scandal
Perriello Faces Another Tough Crowd at Rustburg Town Hall
Perriello, Area Groups Contradict Lobbying Firm
GOP Interest Runs High in 5th District
Health Authority Touts Plan to Address SouthWest Virginia Health Care Crisis
Legal Fight Over Payment for [...]

Webb Says Health Care Reform Should Slow Down
Hampton University Battling State to Host Civil War Commemoration Conference
McDonnell Vows to Veto New Taxes for Transit
Deeds Fires Back at McDonnell with His Own Attack Ad
Deeds Ad Hits McDonnell on Bush
What Might Have Been
Virginia Dems to Donate Donation
Howell Pushes for Offshore Drilling
Phil Hamilton’s Name Removed from RPV Website
Perriello [...]

iI spoke with a prominent GOP consultant yesterday, one who has helped Republicans win elections in Virginia and in a number of other states. I asked him how he saw 2009 shaping up.
Ths is what he told me.
He said he thought that 2009 should be a good year for Republicans in Virginia for two reasons.
First, he suggested [...]

Virginia Leaders Comment on Kenendy’s Death
Kennedy’s UVA Law Roots Remembered
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