And let a Pat Robertson clone-okay, without the bling-okay, in a cheaper suit-but without question, philosophically identical and joined at the hip-be elected governor of Virginia?


And put into place a transportation plan that resembles nothing so much as:  “Watch closely.  Tell me which shell the pea is under?”


And lose House seats?


Going into redistricting?


True, the campaign is moiling at the moment.  (Don’t know that word?  Look it up.)  That’s what campaigns do in August.  Nothing else going on.  They may as well moil. 

The chiefs are divided at the top, roughly along a ridiculous axis:  to “be Creigh” or to be “not Creigh.”

The conumdrum is a manufactured one of “damned if you do” and “damned if you don’t”-embrace Obama, that is.

Obama has lost the language battle on healthcare.  The Gates-cop meteorite that hit in Cambridge knocked him off stride for three or four critical days, giving industry-owned Republicans just enough time to out-maneuver him with two words:  “government run.” 

If he had gotten a vote before the recess, before Republicans had thirty days to terrify the elderly of this country with orchestrated, ambush thuggery, the story would have been different.  But he didn’t.  And the story is not different.

But guess what? 

More than a million Virginians are still without health insurance-and will continue to hang on, precariously, without it. 

Feel good about that?  Call the RPV and thank them. 

And guess what else? 

If these industry-owned Republicans oppose “government run” healthcare, then they oppose Medicare for millions of our elderly and the healthcare benefits owed to hundreds of thousands of Virginia’s veterans.  You see, both of these programs are “government run.” 

Go ahead.  Call the RPV.  Tell them how much you appreciate it.  The number is 1-800-NO!

(A note here:  Bob, if you oppose ‘government run’ healthcare and want to run against Medicare and veterans’ benefits, I’d say we’re going to take you up on this one.  Bring it.  And best of luck to you and yours.)

The recent polls? 


August polls have the throw-weight of the Easter Bunny.

Republicans lawyer up.

Democrats message up.

Sit this one out?

Not on your life.

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  1. mr. day, those of us planning to go to Cong Perriello’s “one on one” are not elderly nor are we thuggish.

    in fact, there are farmers, businessowners, stay at home moms, retired schoolteachers & disabled persons joining our group to speak with the Cong. We really aren’t too “terrifying”.

    focus on issues, but stop with the name calling.

  2. its been 9 hours since i posted to refute Mr. Day’s characterization that those opposed to Pres. Obama’s socialized medicine plan are not thugs.

    my comment is not up.

  3. Naturally the trial lawyers-owned Democratic Party threatens Republicans to “lawyer up”. Non sequitor, anyone? That’s the Democrats answer to everything: lawyer up. Notice how their precious health care destruction, er, “reform”, contains no tort reform. Just keep lawyering up everybody!!!! Mr. Day joins the President in telling everyone to shut up, take two death panels and drop dead in the morning. To THAT, Mr. Day, we say 1-800-NO!!!!

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