The story today was the Democrats expressing their discontent with the Obama’s administration backtracking on the “public option” .

Obama’s surrogates said the administration could live without it.

Pelosi said she still has it on the table.  Rockefeller and Feingold said it is a must.

The bloggers were mad.

At Obama for making the concession.

At the Blue Dogs for not allowing Obama to govern. .

At Palin for the circus on the death panels.

At almost everyone…

It was supposed to be a lot easier.

But the Democrats are angry at the Republicans.

While they start to fight one another.

It’s starting to happen here as well.

Bad poll numbers do this to you.

The internal divisions in the Deeds campaign were aired out for the world (or at least the small slice of it that pays close attention to statewide campaigns) to see last week.

Many Democrats don’t think that the Governor understands how much his second job at the DNC is damaging this year’s campaigns.

Liberal bloggers in the state are mad at the Deeds campaign for not mobilizing the base and the netroots.

And the public doesn’t seem to care about continuing the Warner-Kaine tradition.

What happened to the GOP split over Jeff Frederick?  Ancient history.

Republicans united. Democrats bickering. Are you sure we’re in Virginia?

It’s a changed environment, but it’s not a hopeless one for the Dems.

At the moment, the GOP has a huge enthusiasm advantage and the Democrats’ an energy deficit. But an effective campaign should be able narrow this gap.

The independents and moderates are disgusted with both parties.

They’re looking for a leader who’s smart, practical, and focused on things that matter to them.

Right now, they like what they see out of Bob McDonnell and they don’t really know much about Creigh Deeds.

But they’ll give Deeds a hearing and listen to what he has to say.

Campaigns are often defined by how they respond to adversity. The simmering discontent among Democrats’ about the Deeds campaign has become a crucial test of the candiate’s leadership qualities.

I think we’ll know in the next 30 days whether he has been able to surmount this hurdle.

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  1. Please provide some context. What
    concession did Obama make, exactly?

  2. Sorry for the lack of clarity- Obama’s surrogates said that the administration could live without the “public option.”

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