Rasmussen Has McDonnell by 9
McDonnell Takes Swipe at Kaine
Kaine Sees Tougher Fight, More Negative Tone in Governor’s Race
RGA Spends $1.7 Million on Ads, DGA Donates 500K
New Deeds Radio Ad for NOVA
AFSCME Drops Another 400K on Deeds
Wilder Plays His Hand Alone
Polls Downplay Wilder’s Influence
Is Bolling Criticizing McDonnell Too
Garrett Receives NRA Endorsement Against Valentine
Farm Team Reveals Endorsements
ODU [...]

McDonnell by 14
Bolling by 13
Cuccinelli By 11
Yet Public Policy Polling has Deeds “closing” and down by 5.
What’s Going On?
In part, it’s the quirkiness of doing polls on the cheap these days.
But most of the explanation can be found in the diametrically conflicting models of the likely electorate found inside the poll numbers.
Public Policy Polling has [...]

Kaine Says He Was Unaware of Paterson Discussions
Kaine Does Not Anticipate Stay for Beltway Sniper
Kaine on Board for Lynchburg Train Event
SurveyUSA Has Entire GOP Ticket Up Double Digits
Deeds Gambles on Riding Obama’s Coattails
The Governor’s Race and the Women Vote
New Deeds Ad on Thesis
McDonnell, Cuccinelli Address Mental Health
Fairfax Chamber Splits Ticket, Endorses Shannon
Police Benevolent Association Backs [...]

A recent article in The Washington Post suggested that Bob McDonnell’s proposal to privatize alcohol beverage sales could shortchange mental health and other state programs that are currently funded, at least in part, with ABC profits.
As an operator with multiple Virginia ABC licenses, and a past representative of the legislative arm of the Virginia Hospitality [...]

In Public Policy Polling’s latest numbers.
Pollster makes the argument that Deeds is closing and has far more upside potential than McDonnell as 53% of the remaining undecideds are Democrats and only 7% are Republicans.
One could, of course, make a different argument here- if 9% of the electorate is undecided, McDonnell just has to win 22% [...]

A curious feature of the race.
We’re a little more than a month away from the election and both sides┬ábelieve they’re in good shape.
Put aside the typical spin and bravado.
And they really think they’re going to win.
Each side will privately admit their weaknesses.
Dems will tell you that Creigh’s not the best candidate they’ve ever offered.
Fairfax Chamber [...]

Warner Blitz for Deeds is Underway
Deeds Campaigns on Metro
Deeds Airs Another Ad on Electric Rates
McDonnell Bolling Unveil Good Government Package
Jindal Boosts McDonnell, Holton Backs Deeds
Dueling Ads for Shannon, Cuccinelli
Danny Marshall Discusses Jobs, Economy at Tele-Town Hall
Virginia Tax Amnesty Program Could Raises $48 Million
Law Enforcement Agencies Share Intelligence in New Center
VDOT Report on US 29 recommends [...]

Webb Warns of Tipping Point in Afghanistan
McDonnell Defends Roads Plan on FOX News Sunday
Deeds Pledges to Walk Tight Fiscal Line
Camps Upbeat as Race Picks Up
Arab-American Group Hosts Deeds, McDonnell Proxy
Drinking Games
Landes Demands Marrow Clarify Position on Deeds Tax for Transportation Proposal in 25th District Race
Turtles May Prompt New Chesapeake Bay Crab Regulations
Fairfax Schools Drop Out [...]

1. Speeding Up
You could barely keep with all the campaign news this week. Endorsements by the FOP and the Fairfax Chamber. A bigger non-endorsement by Doug Wilder. An op-ed by Deeds in the Post that reframed the tax for transportation issue. And an increasingly bitter LG race. A few weeks earlier the entire news cycle [...]

Tax Fight Erupts in Governor’s Race
Plans for Economy Long on ideas, Not Details
Deeds Focuses on Job Creation in Southwest
How They Voted on God, Guns, and Gays
Rain Changes Centerfest Plans for Deeds, Perriello
VITA Raises Doubts about Privatization
Kaine Meets Again with Tech Families
Gilbert Responds to Lesinski Attacks in 15th District Race
Months Ahead May Determine Bay’s Fate
James City [...]