It was only eight months ago

That we were talking about Blackberry Buddies.

Eric and Rahm

Were sending each other messages regularly.

They might disagree on issues

But they were agreeing to work together and, most importantly,

Agreeing to communicate.

Partisanship wouldn’t get in the way of doing the nation’s business.

This morningĀ the talking heads are speaking about Blackberry Insults.

Eric and someĀ GOP colleagues

Keyboarding while the President spoke.

What are the odds they were communicating with Rahm?

Boorish Joe Wilson ruined the evening.

Shouting at the President.

With the blackberry, you can send the message without saying a word. got the video up.

What are we to make of all this?

It’s nothing very uplifting.

The tone is terrible (and getting worse).

And they’re all (The President, the Democrats, the GOP) partially responsible.

It’s no wonder that 57% of the public wants to kick them all out and start over.

I’m getting worried that we’re bringing all of this to Virginia.

Do you remember that special election a few years ago between Randy Forbes and Louise Lucas for Congress after Norman Sissisky died?

Five weeks.

Seven million national dollars poured into the state.

The consultants and the partisans hurling every possible insult.

It was as if we took the worst of Washington politics, bundled it all together, and dropped it as a bomb on the 4th Congressional District.

The public didn’t quite know what had hit ‘em.

Couldn’t turn on the television without an attack.

The last few weeks in this campaign are starting to have this feel.

The ante’s been raised nationally.

Virginians, it appears, will be sending a message to the country-

About Obama

About the GOP’s prospects in 2010

About Tim Kaine’s performance as DNC Chair

And our campaign is starting to look like the fights in Washington.

October could make Lucas-Forbes look tame.

But I think that if either of the candidates has the courage to get out their Blackberry and

Send a message to the public

That they’re going to act a little differently and practice a slightly more elevated form of politics,

I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised by how the voters reply.

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  1. Bob,
    Well one thing that might raise the tone is if we actually started discussing issues that matter. Y’know the next governor isn’t going to get into office and start changing the role of women in the workplace or the state’s abortion laws or do anything significant having to do with cap and trade or card check.
    What the next Virginia governor will be tasked with FROM DAY ONE is overseeing nearly $1.5 billion in budget cuts. However, I don’t see too much coverage of how Deeds and McDonnell would go about this. Why? Because we essentially are not a serious people. We’d rather focus on “exciting” trivia than the real political issues we face.

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