1. Deeds-Aster?
This is what the Democrats appear to expecting on Tuesday evening. A Deeds loss (and a big one) seems to be a foregone conclusion in Democratic circles. Most Dems don’t believe that either Jody Wagner or Steve Shannon will be able to withstand the GOP tide that is likely to sweep across Virginia, despite efforts [...]

Bolling, Cuccinelli Lead in T-D Poll
Dash for Votes
McDonnell on Hannity
McDonnell Urges Voters to Go to Polls
GOP Rallies in Lynchburg
Deeds Urges Obama Backers to Send a Message
Warner Misses Deeds Events Due to Flu
Planned Parenthood Criticizes McDonnell’s Comments
Money, Missteps Cost Deeds
Kaine Meets with Paper Mill Workers
Perriello Says He’s Undecided on Health Care Bill
Gilbert, Lesinski Emphasize Economy
Amtrak Challenges [...]

The prospect of Ken Cuccinelli’s election on Tuesday.
The reality that Cuccinelli could win and, if the polls are correct, win big has just begin to set in.
And it is not sitting well with Democrats and their supporters.
Think about it.
The state that supported Obama with 52% could turn around twelve months later and elect Cuccinelli with [...]

With the Deeds campaign all but written off, leading Democratic bloggers are now calling for a final push focusing on Triage.
Twelve months ago the situation would have been almost inconceivable, with Obama carrying Virginia, Kaine appointed as DNC chair and the Democrats extending margins in Congress.
But the national environment changed dramatically and the Virginia Democrats [...]

Candidates Gather Force in March to Election Day
Obama Sends Letter for Deeds
Immigrants Urged to Back Deeds
GOP Ticket Rallies in Danville
The Donald Donates to McDonnell
McDonnell Gets Washington Board of Trade Endorsement
Shannon Highlights Endorsements in New Ad
Virginia Investigates Legality of Access to Voter List
State Looks Into Missed Absentee Ballot Deadlines
Trible Says He Made Mistake in Using CNU [...]

The Shame on You GOTV effort that was going to send information to citizens about their neighbors’ voting habits as a way of motivating people to cast a ballot this year has been abruptly cancelled.
Bill Sizemore of the Virginian Pilot broke the story and followed it up yesterday evening with some excellent reporting, noting that there are [...]

Nonprofit Halts Planned Mailing of Voting History
Shaming GOTV Project Cancelled
Romney, Giuliani Stump for GOP Ticket
Deeds, McDonnell Have Similar Blueprints for State Economy
Democratic Strategist Says Deeds Victory Still Possible
Deeds Makes the Rounds in NOVA
Deeds Airs Closing Argument
Deeds Makes Stop in Charlottesville
McDonnell Critics Question Ideology
Shannon Criticizes Cuccinelli Remark on Gays
Log Cabin Republicans Praise McDonnell, Slam Cuccinelli
Wagner and [...]

I’ll be discussing the election on NPR’s Talk of the Nation with Ken Rudin at 2:20 this afternoon.
Here it is.

That’s the underlying message of a bizarre new Get Out the Vote effort that’s supposedly coming to Virginia this week.
Just when you thought that you’ve heard it all.
Bill Sizemore in The Virginian Pilot has a remakable story this morning about the “Know Campaign” that will be sending mailers to 350,000 Virginian households that will include [...]

Your Voting History Could End Up In Your Neighbors’ Mailboxes
Deeds Reaches for Obama Energy
Obama Urges Virginia Supporters to Back Deeds
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Funds Still Pouring in to Statewide Candidates
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Neff Mailing Compares [...]