When the Democrats can implode on their own.

Let’s me get this straight.

Virginia has one of two gubernatorial elections in the nation this year.

The national media is interpreting the race as a referendum on the Democratic President.

Obama has been personally involved, not only campaigning and fundraising for the Democratic nominee but phoning former Governor Wilder and asking him to endorse Creigh Deeds.

Virginia’s Governor Tim Kaine is also the Chair of the Democratic National Committee. The Virginia results will be viewed by many in WashingtonĀ as a reflection on his capacity to lead the party through next year’s congressional election cycle.

Today, one month before the election

Democratic Congressman James Oberstar, Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, sends Governor Kaine a


Telling him that Virginia’s dead last in spending the stimulus’ transportation dollars

Demanding that he get on the stick and start allocating the funds.

Before tonight there might 25 Republicans in the entire state who ever heard of James Oberstar

But now they can’t believe their good fortune.

Who’s James Oberstar?

He’s a congressional Democrat from Minnesota that has taken a second job

Delivering manna from Republican heaven.

What’s that stuff Deeds was saying about Virginia being the best managed state in the county?

Given the stakes riding on this election, the President’s involvement and Kaine’s role as DNC Chair, it is literally inconceivable that this could come to pass.

It’s not surprising that the Democrats aren’t getting the NRA’s endorsement : an event like this makes them look like the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

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