Read the headlines.

Friday- Democratic Governor Association Chair Schweitzer Says Chances in New Jersey Better than Virginia

Yesterday afternoon- Kaine Says It Is Time for Deeds to Make Sale

This morning’s Wall Street Journal- White House Steps Back in Virginia Race

The Journal story by Elizabeth Williamson is the most devastating. It maintains that the President is looking at “movement in the polls” and wants to “conserve..political capital” and avoid “close association with a candidate that might lose.” It says that Obama has not yet agreed to more appearances in the state “despite repeated requests by the Deeds campaign.”


If the story is accurate, the message couldn’t be clearer.

Creigh, you’re on your own

For now.

The poll numbers have gone south and the White House hasn’t even agreed to come in and┬árally the Democratic base.

But let’s make one point.

Other people rarely can carry candidates to victory.

It’s up to them to develop a compelling message, inspire voters and generate momentum in a campaign.

The headlines confirm what realists already know.

Creigh Deeds now faces the most formidable challenge of his political life.

Tougher even than the primary.

And neither Obama, Warner, Kaine nor the Post will be able to carry him on their own.

There’s four weeks left.

So it may not be insurmountable.

But it’s up to Creigh.

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One Comment

  1. Deeds is on his own a bit now because his message is not clear. He’s a democrat who supports the NRA but can not get their indoresment. He is for rasing taxes to pay for transportation but the voters have no money…his is anti abortion but he will support a womens right to choose?..Im confused. Fact of the matter is both candidates ought to just tell it like it is:”The state of Virginia has been well managed but because of the current economy will be flat broke for the next budget cycle. Promise they may but reality says ya got no bucks for a while. Voters fair much better with the truth then they do with empty promises…FDR spoke the truth will building a new foundation….Mike

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