Former House Speaker John Warren Cooke Dies
Cuccinelli Digs in to Set Course for AG Office
Lawmakers Expect to Focus on Ethics Reform in Hamilton’s Wake
GOP Rivals Heat Up Race for Beach Senate Seat
Residency at Issue in NOVA Senate Race
Farm Bureau Takes Aim at Plan for Bay Cleanup
Couple Accused of Crashing State Dinner Said to Seek Payment
Fairfax [...]

1. Obama and McDonnell
One criticism of President Obama that is becoming more prevalent is that he has tried to accomplish too much, on too many fronts, too quickly. Don’t be surprised if the McDonnell administration takes a very different approach to the challenges the state faces and focuses more narrowly on efforts to jump start [...]

In Tobacco Loving Virginia Bars Give Up the Habit
Albemarle Schools Face Tough Cuts, Everything is on the Table, Including Layoffs
10 Questions with Delegate-Elect Robin Abbott
Delegate Onzlee Ware Fined $500 Over Web Site Violation
Will Lawmakers Act on Ethics Reform?
Old Dominion Watchdog Launches
Virginia Beach Schools Work to Shrink Black-White Male Gap
Stafford and Fredericksburg Recycle Nearly Half of [...]

GOP to Hold Firehouse Primaries for Both Open Senate Seats
Kaine Believes Virginia Indian Tribes Can Get Federal Status by January
Kaine, Holton Greet Diners at Giving Heart Feast
Alexandria Rethinks Gifted Education
Report Calls for Overhaul of Charlottesville Public Housing

Tech Gets Large Grant to Map the Turkey’s Genetic Code
Governor Kaine Will Serve Meals on Thanksgiving
Governor, Indian Tribes Mark Thanksgiving Holiday
Kaine Says Federal Loans Available after Nor’easter
Governor-Elect Still Working as an Attorney
Pittsylvania County Property Reassessments Causing a Stir

The Wall Street Journal noted this morning that the “proportion of U.S. homeowners who owe more on their mortgages than their properties are worth has swelled to about 23%.”
Virginia is slightly above the national average at 23.8% and currently ranks 7th in the nation in the percentage of underwater homeowners.
The good news is that we’re [...]

1. Determine your income:  I’ve fished around for some sophisticated way to say this, some judicious, highbrow expression that will elevate this first step, but can’t come up with one.  This is as complicated as I can make it:  determine your income.  Write that number down.
2. Determine your spending:  This is a measurable number.  I [...]

Speaker Howell Wants to Change Ethics Procedures
State Election Board Tells “Know Campaign” to ID Source of Virginia Voter Data
Kaine Urges Nonviolent Offenders to Seek Rights Restoration
Kaine v. Catholic Archbishop of Washington
Janis Rumored to be Under Consideration for Chief Deputy AG
Another Run Possible for McAuliffe
Virginia Agency Declines to Throw Out Application for Three State Power Line
Hampton [...]

Kaine: Not Out of Woods Yet on Economy
Kaine Won’t Rule Out Tax Hikes
43% Turnout in November
Deeds Sits Out Senate Democratic Caucus
Pre-Session Conference of SWVA Legislators
State Board Certifies Villanueva, Recount Likely
GOP PAC asks Marsden to Resign House Seat
Virginia Buys Back 359 Crab Licenses
State’s Rate of Recycling Steady
Richmond Council Approves School Replacement Plan
Loudoun Economic Development Director Steps [...]

Be opening this January in Virginia?
I spoke to Gene Trani today and he pointed me to a fascinating debate that has been taking place in Nebraska.
Last week, the Board of Regents at the University of Nebraska defeated an effort to apply the Bush administrations limitations on embryonic stem cell research  (to existing lines only) to the university [...]