Kaine on Life After Governor’s Mansion
Kaine’s December Travels
McDonnell Commerce Appointee Sledd Intends to Keep Corporate Board Positions
McDonnell Administration Jobs
Fairfax May Cut Full-Day Kindergarten
Virginai Schools Teach Kids about Setting and Reaching Goals
HRT Chief Townes Told Resign or Be Fired By 4 Board Members

I have been trying to reduce the huge numbers in the budget, which seem so abstract, to something understandable.  I fear that few comprehend the impact of the cuts in the introduced budget will have on our schools. 
 Here is my best shot:
The Kaine budget will eliminate state funding for 20,000 positions in our schools.  This [...]

Bob -
I would suggest to you that the budget process in state government is the result of the Byrd Machine’s control of it which ended in 1969, with the election of former GOP Gov. A. Linwood Holton. 
During their control of the government, the budget was less of an issue because their candidates succeeded each other [...]

Mims Joins 13 GOP AG’s Threatening Suit Over Health Care
Virginia Unemployment Rate Steady at 6.4%
Kaine Talks Payday Loans
McDonnell Deputy Campaign Manager Rexrode Become RPV Executive Director
Prefiled Gun Legislation
GOP 5th District Primary May Be Costly for Taxpayers
Bid to Run Power Line Through Virginia Withdrawn
State Wins $865,000 Judgment Against Employment Firms
Hampton Plans to Borrow $30 Million to [...]

McDonnell Urges Lease Sale for Off Shore Energy Exploration
Kaine’s Agenda Shaped By History
Kaine Says Obama Will Win Virginia in 2012
Fairfax Sheriff Barry Opposes Kaine Prison Proposal to Rent Beds to Other States
Delegate Carrico Targets Police Prayer Policy
Isle of Wight receives Grant to Preserve Farmland
Virginia Beach, Norfolk Schools Worst for Fights, Bullying
Pittsylvania County Supervisors to Reorganize
Winchester [...]

In the wake of the controversy that ensued after Tim Kaine proposed a tax increase in the outgoing budget, I posted the following entry.
Hard Times, Frayed Nerves
Both were evident this week in the presentation and response to what Bob Lewis called Governor Kaine’s “brutal” budget message. “Folly.” “Gutshot” “Dead on Arrival,” and “Non-Starter” were just [...]

McDonnell Proposes Change in Budget Cycle
Redistricting After Census Could Lead to Political Shift
Brink and Colgan to Patron Kaine’s Lost Causes
Gilmore to Lead Free Congress Foundation
Virginia in Top 10 States of Mortgage Fraud
Virginia Historical Society to Drop Admissions Fee
Cigarettes Sold in Virginia Must Meet Fire Standards
Windfall for Buscuit Run Developer?: Tax Credits Could Become Cash
Warden Leaving [...]

Q. Will an Obamacare health Czar decide how you spend your income, or will you?  
A. Obamacare requires individuals to purchase private health insurance fashioned and approved by the Obama Administration or be fined $1900, face a year in jail and pay penalties up to $25,000 (half the median income of American families). Penalties can start [...]

The U. S. Senate presented the country with its version of the nation’s health care future in the early morning hours the day before Christmas.  Most Americans were focused on the joys of a family oriented Holiday, but in D.C. the pillars of our political elite were hard at work. 
No Holiday for them.  The nation’s [...]

Parts of Virginia’s Budget May No Longer Be Off Limits
Localities Navigate Treacherous Economy
Kaine Reflects on Term for NV Daily
Scott, Forbes Differ on Gang Prevention
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Fralin Found Satisfaction in [...]