New Smoking Laws Don’t Have Much Bite
McDonnell Yet to Issue Anti-Bias Order
On Advice of Cuccinelli, Plan to Extend State Benefits to Same Sex Partners is Ignored
McDonnell Asks Obama to Reconsider Student Loan Proposal
SOTU Rebuttal Responses Continue
Bolling’s Role: Point Man for McDonnell’s Jobs Plan
Cuccinelli’s Private Practice Causes Buzz
Virginia Legislators Might Double Cuts to Balance Budget
Helderman’s GA [...]

1. National Reviews Are in On McDonnell’s SOTU Response
The general consensus is that McDonnell was more successful than Bobby Jindal last year, increased his name recognition and did no harm to his stature as a rising Governor in the GOP firmament. What might have been most impressive about McDonnell’s political smarts, however, came the day [...]

During this year’s statewide campaign, Bob McDonnell and I talked a lot about getting our economy moving again and creating jobs.  We said then, and we reaffirm now, that this is the most important issue currently facing our state.
Over the past several months we have worked to put together a comprehensive set of legislative and [...]

State Hopes for High Speed Rail Outlay Dashed
McDonnell Says to Expect Cuts in Health and Education
Response to McDonnell’s Rebuttal
McDonnell to Meet with Democratic Legislative Leaders
McDonnell Declares Emergency Ahead of Storm
Lawmakers Turn Up the Heat on Appalachian Power
Senate Measure Would Oppose Soering Transfer to Germany
Warner, Webb, Perriello Lukewarm on Obama’s SOTU Address
Bristol Democrats Hold Obama Party
Virginia [...]

McDonnell Hammers White House on Spending, Health Care
McDonnell Gives GOP Response
McDonnell Issues Late Democratic Invites
The Guestlist
Obama Talks Up Oil Drilling, Carefully
Webb, Warner Urge Interior Department to Proceeed with Lease Sale for Offshore Exploration
Medical Marijuana Bill Dies Despite Surprise Support from Morgan Griffith
Harvey Morgan’s Marijuana Bills Go Down
Virginia Senate’s Partisan Battle Over State Budget Woes
Virginia Senate [...]

He won’t even be leaving town.
He’ll be giving his response to the President at the Capitol here in Richmond.
A few days ago Democratic legislators told the media they were very proud that a Virginian was so honored (again).
The headline in The Post read Senate Democrats Praise McDonnell’s State of the Union Honor.
Roz Helderman quotes Janet [...]

McDonnell Squeezes in a Bit of National Attention
Will McDonnell Make Further Budget Cut Proposals?
McDonnell Unveils Jobs Plan
McDonnell’s Plan to Sell Drilling Rights Off Virginia Coast Faces Delay
McDonnell Seeks State Workers Input on Budget
300 to Attend McDonnell’s GOP Response
Senate Passes “Green” Bill To Allow Clothes Lines
Lynchburg Area Lawmakers Take Key Role in Governor’s Plan
Report Shows How [...]

Bob McDonnell gets the honor of giving the response to President Obama’s State of the Union speech on Wednesday. I have five suggestions for what he needs to accomplish.
1. Don’t try to do too much: 
Speaking after President Obama, even in this political climate, would be like a baseball announcer calling games after the great Los [...]

McDonnell to Give State of the Union Response from State Capitol
McDonnell Proposes Budget Cuts and No Tax Increases
McDonnell Details Offsets for Job Creation
Plum Calls on McDonnell to Supprt Bipartisan Redistricting
Democratically Controlled Senate Panel Supports Bill to Make Federal Health Care Mandate Illegal
Senate Okays No Excuse Absentee Voting
Warner Searching for a State Director Again
Wittman Tours Hampton [...]

McDonnell Vows No New Taxes, What About Fees
New Bill Draw Line on Commissioner of Accounts Job
Bills Seek to Abolish VITA Oversight Panel
GOP Division Could Keep Perriello Seat in Democratic Hands
Perriello Says Lower Unemployment is the Key to Re-Election
Gilbert and Athey Propose Taxpayer Bill of Rights to End Runaway Spending
Cline’s Legislative Agenda Focuses on Stimulating Economy
Applications [...]