One Year In Tea Partiers Look Forward
Contenders for Nye’s Seat Aim to Stand Out
Nye Wants Explanation for Halted Tuition Assistance Program
Senators Trade Words in Debate Over Carrier
Did Cuccinelli Ask W&M to Overturn Sexual Orientation Policy
House Panel Halts Driver Safety Bills
Bill Would Keep Threat Analysis Out of Public
Lawmakers Considering High Lawsuit Fees to Combat Budget Woes
New [...]

1. From Perhaps to “Most Likely I’m In”
House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith essentially announced he’ll be running against Rick Boucher for the 9th district congressional seat. Although Griffith does not yet live in the district, he should be a formidable candidate. He’s a bright guyand his views, overall,  will be very compatible with the voters. Moreover, Griffith [...]

Webb Speaks Out Against Virginia Carrier Move
Perriello Blasts GOP Funding Delay
Boucher v. Griffith: Marquee Race or Over Before it Begins?
Griffith Undecided Wther to Fundraise for Congressional Run During Session
Northrop Grumman Pressured by Maryland Legislator, Gay Rights Groups Over Move
Dominion Bills Would Decrease Under Settlement
McDonnell Talks Up Jobs Strategy as He Defends Budget Cuts
House Senate Name [...]

Please check the facts and go to my website. There also was an article in the WPost yesterday and the RTD today which presented more information in the Metro section.
Below are my comments I delivered on the House Floor on Wednesday.
Mr. Speaker, on Thursday February 18th, a press conference was held in theGeneral Assembly, the [...]

Obama Scolds Cantor
NRA Endorses Boucher
Perriello Will Not Support Abortion in Health Care Reform Bill
House Panel Votes to Make Voting Records Private
McDonnell Declares March Pothole Month
Virginia House Passes Budget with No Democratic Support
House Budget Plan Adds Slots for Medicaid Waivers
House to Vote on Jail Funding
Senate Passes Budget 30-10
McDonnell Brings Out Allies to Push Charters
Senate Postpones Charter [...]

Announcing a statewide blitz to patch the potholes generated by the recent storms and cold weather.
He’s asked VDOT to “focus efforts during March on patching the thousands of potholes giving motorists bumpy reminders of the hard winter Virginia has endured.”
While’s he at it,
He might send a crew over to Capitol Square
Where they have about 15 days [...]

Webb Supports Move Allowing Women to Work on Submarines
Nye Says GI Repayment Program Needs to Slow Down
House Passes Antitrust Repeal, Perriello Co-Wrote Bill to End Health Insurers’ Exemption
McDonnell Signs Bill to Cut Electricity Rate
Legislative Black Caucus Opposes McDonnell Education Program
McDonnell Lobbies Legislators on Charters
McDonnell’s Charter Plan Faces Resistance from Local Officials
Critics Say McDonnell’s Budget Cuts [...]

McDonnell Won’t Rule Out Running for VEEP, Criticizes Marshall
McDonnell Calls Marshall’s Comments Offensive
McDonnell to Sign APCo Rate Cut
McDonnell Urges Congressional Delegation to Secure Stimulus Funding
McDonnell, School Groups Reach Charter Deal
McDonnell Meets with McAuliffe on Franklin Mill
McDonnell Will Endorse McCain
Bolling Hears Ideas on Job Creation
Griffith Forms Congressional Campaign Committee
Criticizing Marshall Delegate Abbott Cites Disabled Son
House Panel [...]

In the last two days
By Kelsey Radcliffe, a student journalist
She broke the story of Bob Marshall’s comments suggesting that the birth of children with disabilities could be punishment for a previous abortion.
Today, every major paper in Virginia is following up on her story.
And by Isaac Graves,  citizen-investigator.
He produced an article for the National Examiner about [...]

Marshall Apologizes for Abortion, Disabilities Remarks
Black Caucus Opposes McDonnell Charter Schools Proposal
Senate Rejects Most of McDonnell’s Jobs Package
Senate Reverses Course, Passes McDonnell Proposal on Oil Royalties
Griffith: Most Likely I’m In
House and Senate K-12 Budgets Are a Gulf Apart
School Districts Relieved about Payments to Mitigate Losses
House and Senate Cut Millions from Health and Human Services
State Proposal [...]