Cuccinelli Denies Records on Health Care Suit
Obama Clears Way for Offshore Drilling in VA
Obama’s High Stakes Calculation for Climate Bill
McDonnell Hails Breakthrough on “Offshore Drilling”
McDonnell Talks Up Energy Initiatives at B&W Event
Mixed Reaction to Decision To Allow Offshore Drilling
Reaction to Drilling News
McDonnell Extends Pothole Blitz
Dems Accuse Bolling of Hypocrisy on Stimulus Funds
Lawmakers Call for Civility
Virginia [...]

Obama Signs Higher Ed Bill at NVCC
Obama to Allow Drilling off Virginia Coast
Cantor Says Obama Shut GOP Out on Health Care
Virginia Supreme Court Takes Gloucester 40 Appeal
McDonnell Signs Job Creation Bills in NOVA
McDonnell Not Expecting to Make Majr Budget Changes
McDonnell Defends Steele, Invites Palin to VA
Cuccinelli Says Health Care Lawsuit Could Save $1 Billion
Cuccinelli Threatens [...]

Much has been written about the “Cuccinelli Crusades” challenging the national government, but most of it is lumped with political speculation and his unfortunate letter to our public colleges and universities on sexual orientation discrimination policies. 
 This discolors any dispassionate analysis of the underlying merits and the legal and philosophical underpinnings for his forays into the [...]

Man Arrested for Cantor Death Threat
Man Charged with Threatening to Kill Cantor, Family
McDonnell To Name Team to Reshape, Shrink Operations
McDonnell Inaugural Fund Gives$25,000 to Patrick Henry Charter School
Cuccinelli Says Virginia Won’t Release Soering without Court Order
Allen Searches for a Fundraiser, Defends Cuccinelli
Hugo, O’Bannon to Compete for GOP Caucus Chair
1st District Race Draws Four Hopefuls
Virginia Expands [...]

Stan Parris
Portsmouth’s Poker Halls
Bricks Thrown Through GOP Windows in C’Ville
Virginia Diversity Contract Program is Faulted
FDA Warning Spurs Push for Stricter Oyster Rules in VA
Perriello Wins High Marks in Frugality
Loudoun Schools Facing $19 Million Budget Shortfall
SWVA  Tri-Cities Education System in Crisis
Campbell County Schools Brace for More Cuts
C’Ville Looks to Darker Budget Picture
Fluvanna Eyes Tax Hikes, Layoffs [...]

1. Cantor v. Kaine
Both Tim Kaine and Eric Cantor hail from the Richmond region. Today, they both occupy important roles for their respective national parties. Their political differences are becoming far starker than their shared regional loyalties. It was eminently clear this week in the back and forth between Cantor and Kaine’s office about who is [...]

Virginia’s Jobless Rate Rises in January, State Has Nation’s Largest Decline in Employment
McDonnell Forms Higher Ed Commission
McDonnell Announces New Position for Rural Economic Development
Virginia’s Air Pollution Control Board Rebukes Cuccinelli Over EPA Lawsuit
Virginia Corrections Dpartment Sticks with Gay Policy Despite Cuccinelli Concerns
Cuccinelli Woos Northrop at Newport News Shipyard
Cuccinelli to Host Town Hall at Liberty U
With [...]

A number of years ago I had the opportunity to speak to a national gathering of communication directors for state Attorney Generals.
I asked the attendees what was the biggest issue they faced in their jobs.
Almost to a person,  they told  me  that their greatest challenge was getting any publicity at all for their boss.
Local television, they said, had [...]

Cantor Says Shot Fired At Campaign Office Building
Cantor Accuses Democrats of “Fanning Flames” on Member Threats
Police Say After Investigation That Bullet That Hit Cantor Office was Randomly Fired
Gas Line Cutting Deemed Deliberate Vandalism
Warner Bill Proposes No More Bailouts
McDonnell Signs Off on Health Reform Challenge
McDonnell Announces New ABC Comissioners Other Appointments
Galanti Among McDonnell Appointments
McDonnell Says Numbers Show [...]

Webb Says Military Presciprtion Drug Use is Stunning
Sam Nixon Picked as New VITA Chief
McDonnell and Cuccinelli v. Democrats on Health Care
Democrats File Request for Cuccinelli Expenses
Byron Joins Liberty Lawsuit
Severed Gas Line Found at Home of Perriello Brother
FBI Investigating Severed Gas Line at Perriello Brother’s House
Health Care Fight Spreads Through Virginia
Think Tanks Says 37,000 Jobs to [...]