Events have taken quite a turn in this country over the last year.  A quarrelsome sense of unrest seems to have come over the land.  This is not the first time, nor will it be the last time we as a country have stopped to take stock of ourselves and by definition (for we are [...]

Cuccinelli Demands Paper on “Climategate” from UVA
Cuccinelli Opts for More Modest State Seal
UVA Board Approves 9.9% Tuition Hike for In-State Students
Virginia Colleges Announcing Steep Tuition Hikes
McDonnell Will Leave High Risk Insurance Pool to Feds
McDonnell to Speak at Off-Shore Drilling Conference in Houston
Sheila Johnson: “I Will Never Get Involved in Politics Again”
DMV To Eliminate Toll Free [...]

VCU Raises Tuition by 24%
VCU Reaffirms Non-Discrimination Policy
Fellow VRS Trustee Criticizes Diana Cantor Appointment
McDonnell Signs Veterans Related Bills
Jewish Groups Call on McDonnell to Change Jesus Prayer Policy
Cuccinelli Says McDonnell Policy Allowing Jesus Prayer is Constitutional
Coalition of 17 States Asks for Cuccinelli’s EPA Argument to be Rejected
McDonnell Says Gulf Oil Accident Should Not Delay Drilling
Gulf Oil [...]

Crist to Run as an Independent
Cantor: We’re Not You’re Daddy’s GOP
McDonnell Directs Policy to Expand Affordable Housing
McDonnell Reappoints Flaherty and Wright
McDonnell to Hold Fundraiser at Mansion for The Healing Place
McDonnell Lifts Ban on State Police Troopers Referring to Jesus in Public Prayers
Bolling Holds Roundtable Broadband Discussion in Danville
Cuccinelli Says Battery Operated Cigarettes Don’t Violate Smoking [...]

Former Governor L. Douglas Wilder weighs in this morning in Politico on President Obama’s upcoming Supreme Court nomination.
Wilder suggests that the real task for Obama is to fill the role that Thurgood Marshall once played on the Court, a justice with a “certain kind of voice” that can prod the conscience of America. 
Wilder is saying publicly what many [...]

Tim Kaine Bills Democrats as “Results Party”
Northrop Grumman Makes McDonnell’s Day
McDonnell Gets Praise From All Sides for Northrop Grumman Deal
Northrop Grumman Chief Says Economics Drove Decision
Northrop Grumman to Get Up to $14 Million in Incentives
Groups Ask McDonnell To Drop Letter Requirement, Revamp Rights restoration Process
Cuccinelli and Democrats Agree on the Centrality of Lawsuits to His [...]

Is that it apparently runs through Richmond.
On Sunday, the cover story in The New York Times Magazine was a profile of Politico’s Mike Allen, a former reporter for both the RTD and The Washington Post.
Labeling him the most important journalist in Washington,  the portrait of Allen rang true to anyone who knew him in Richmond.
It captured his [...]

HU Prepares for Presidential Visit
Virginia Gets Northrop Grumman Headquarters
McDonnell Considers Selling Gubernatorial Beach Cottage
McAuliffe Critical of McDonnell
Christopher Newport Eyes 15% Tuition Hike
Petersburg Chooses Cambridge Education as School Turnaround Partner
Chesterfield School Board to Consider More Cuts
State Highway Officials Nearing Deal for Midtown Tunnel Expansion
Schucet Ending “Unnecessary Spending” at Hampton Roads Transit
At Final Norfolk Debate, [...]

As Obama Visits Coal Country, Many Are Wary of His Environmental Policies
Obama Says Coal Miners Lived and Died Pursuing the American Dream
Pro-Gun Lobby Believes it Can Gain More Ground
Fairfax Chain Gangs Fill Gap for Cash Strapped VDOT
UVA Tuition Set to Surge
Summing Up the State Budget
McDonnell Gets Standing O from Teachers
McDonnell Reflects on Early Days in [...]

1. The Washington Connection
To Virginia politics has essentially become institutionalized. What happens in Virginia is increasingly covered as an important signal about the national political dialogue. This was true of the Webb-Allen race in 2006, Obama’s successful effort to carry the Commonwealth in 2008, and the GOP sweep in 2009. The 2010 Congressional races are [...]