1. Wait, Baby, Wait
This seems to be the new mantra about off-shore drilling in the wake of the tragedy in the Gulf. While¬†Governor McDonnell and Lieutenant Governor Bolling are advocating a “Fix It and Move Forward” approach, it is hard to imagine that Virginia will be able to overcome the political obstacles to off-shore exploration [...]

Cuccinelli’s Office Says It Will Reply to UVA in Court
Virginia Workers Take an Unapid Day Off, Shutting Down State Government
McDonnell Names Commission on Higher Ed Reform, Innovation, and Investment
Rigell Bests Opponents’ War Chests by Wide Margin in 2nd District Primary
Frederick Endorses Fimian
Webb Asks IRS to Investigate US NavyVeterans Association
Webb Disappoints Gay Rights Groups with Don’t [...]

UVA v. CUCCINELLI: The University’s Legal Response
Obama Cancels Virginia’s Drilling Plans
McDonnell Says Oil Lease Sales Shouldn’t be Cancelled
McDonnell, Cantor, Bolling Want to Continue to Drill
Drilling Halt Cuts Funds for Transportation
McDonnell Says NC Looking at Tolling I-95
Environmentalists Cheer Obama’s Offshore Driling Decision
Dems Continue to Criticize McDonnell’s Choice of Malek
Staffer Says Cuccinelli Made no Pledge [...]

Gun Rights Leader Blasts Cuccinelli Over GMU Campus Gun Ban
Veterans Charity Under Fire Raised More than $2 Million in Virginia
KPMG Recommends New Office to Broker Public-Private Transportation Deals
Port Authority Sets Vote for $800 Million Lease Deal
Virginia Will Pass on Race to the Top Contest
GOP, Tea Party Split On Second District Candidate Endorsement
Ben Loyola Gets Tea [...]

Genetic Research Venture in Fairfax Falls Apart
Appeals Court Upholds Permit for Coal Fired Plant in Wise
In Allen’s Book, Sport is Allegory for Politics
McDonnell Says He Did Not Know about Malek’s Past
McDonnell Says He Didn’t Know of Malek’s Nixon Work, McEachin Calls It Beyond Belief
Rigell Surveys Says He’s Frontrunner in 2nd District Primary
Fimian Poll Says He’s [...]

NAACP Threatens to Block Richmond Construction Sites
Couple Will Accept $2.2 Million for Land in Roanoke Eminent Domain Case
Moran’s Investments
Has McDonnell’s National Rehab Begun?
U.S. Asks Judges to Toss Cuccinelli Suit
McDonnell Meets with Legislative Black Caucus
Bolling, Cuccinelli Hold Private Meeting
Governor’s Cabinet Makes Less than Local Deputies
Bristol Area Congressmen Say Greenhouse Emission Regs Should Be Decided by Congress, [...]

Power Station Fuels Power Struggle in Broke Virginia Town
Griffith Nominated
Too Many Candidates May Spoil the Tea Party
Are Democrats Pulling Back on Faith Outreach
Lost Primary Jobs Causes Danville to be Ranked 363 out of 366 Metro Areas

1. What Does Kentucky, Arkansas and Pennsylvania Tell Us: Part One
I think that this week’s elections first tell us that passionate activists¬†are increasingly conrtolling party nominations. Specter loses in Pennsylvania despite the support of the political establishment. Blanche Lincoln is forced into a runoff in Arkansas. And Rand Paul wins handily in Kentucky with Tea [...]

Virginia Unemployment Rate Drops to 6.7%
Norfolk Principal Put on Leave Over Fetus Dolls for Students
Prayer at State Police Service Mentions Jesus, Other Faiths
Warner Says Financial Reform Bill Will Help Capital Markets
Hurt Bolsters Position in Race to Oust Perriello
Cuccinelli Targets State’s Universities
Cuccinelli Says His Office Wants to Protect Environment
NOVA Lawmakers Continue Attack on McDonnell Pick Because [...]

Tuition to Rise at Community Colleges by 7.5%
McDonnell Outlines Procedures for Restoration of Rights
Maryland and New Jersey Senators Ask Obama to Ditch Virginia Drilling
Kaine Suggests Wind Power for Virginia
Cuccinelli Endorses Wittman and Griffith in GOP Races
Democrats Repeat Call for Cuccinelli to Donate Contributions
Elliston Intermodal Rail Yard Fight Goes [...]