New Laws
New Traffic Safety Laws
Concealed Weapons Measure Goes into Effect Today
Cuccinelli Health Care Suit in Court Thursday
Localities Want Authority Over Liquor Store Locations if State Privatizes ABC
Environmental Groups Ask Obama to Permanently Halt Offshore Drilling
Fairfax CountyPopulation Shifts to Alter Voting Districts
Griffith Challenges Boucher to More Debates
Fimian Advances in GOP Candidate Program
Perriello Hits Air Waves with [...]

UVA Calls Cuccinelli Investigation Legally Flawed
UVA Says Cuccinelli Subpoena Will Imperil Academia
Urbanski Backed by Warner and Webb for Federal Judgship
Virginia FREE and League of Conservation Voters Grade Legislators
Gulf Spill Gives Lawmakers Second Thoughts on New Policy
Virginia Gun Rights Groups Cheer High Court Ruling
McDonnell Noncommittal About Demand to Investigate Vets Group
Returned Political Donations from US Navy [...]

Bedford County Supervisors Unanimously Oppose Stalin’s Bust
Palin Joins Allen in Salute to Troops, Gives Opinion on Obama
Dems Says Virginia State Police Should Investigate Virginia Navy Charity
Cuccinelli Says Supreme Court Ruling Will Guide Virginia Gun Law Reviews
McDonnell and Cantor Make Top 50 List of “Americans Hated by the Left”  Glenn Beck Number One
Rigell [...]

1. Stalin: Down in Georgia, Up in Bedford
It was announced this week that officials in Georgia (the country, that is) have tore down a statue of the infamous Soviet dictator in his hometown of Gori and will be replacing it with a memorial to the fallen in the Russia-Georgian War of 2008. Yet here in [...]

McDonnell Vacationing in Ireland
Palin to be at Norfolk Freedom Fest
Connaughton Says Virginia Commits Money to Metro
Metro Acknowledges Virginia Committed Funds, But Says Timing is Uncertain
Cuccinelli Annoucnces Plan for Stronger Veterans Advocacy
Cuccinelli Questioned on Health Care Stance at Boys State
5 NOVA Men Convicted in Pakistan for Terrorism Given 10 Years
Food Company to Expand in Henry County
Frederick [...]

Last week was an extraordinary time to be in Ireland.  Of my more than twenty trips to Ireland, being in County Clare, Ireland on June 15 and 16 was unforgettable.  There was, of course, the World Cup. While Ireland is not in the World Cup, these “football” crazy fans are following the events very closely [...]

McDonnell Talks Transportation at Boys State
Metro to Virginia: Renew Pledge for Cash (Quickly)
Alexandria Says Virginia Should Pay Metro Match
Hampton Roads Transportation Crafts $300,000 Buyout for Townes
Cuccinelli, McCollum Confer on Health Care Lawsuits
Ohio AG Seeks to Shut Down Solicitations by “Phony” Navy Vets Group
McDonnell Seeks Charter School for Petersburg
Board of Ed Supports McDonnell on National Standards
Board [...]

Virginia Beach Bans All Future LED Signs
Garden Clubs Uproot Digital Signs
NOVA Was Main Source of Growth for DC Area in 2009
NVCC Enrollment at 78,400
McDonnell Still Optimistic about Drilling Off Virginia Coast
McDonnell to Appear at Boys State And Girls State
Shannon Connects Cuccinelli Campaign Promise, Donation
Connaughton Meeting a Mystery To NOVA Metro Reps
Group Says Virginia Failed to [...]

Dozens Speak Out on Uranium Mining Study
McDonnell’s Own Poll says Approval Rating at 63%
McDonnell Holds Firm on Metro Money
Fairfax Dems Criticize McDonnell Over Metro Standoff
McDonnell Signs Newman Charter School Bill
Federal Government Asks Again That Health Care Suit Be Dismissed
State Board Takes No Action Against Montgomery County Registrar, Fraud Charge to be Referred
Campus Police Responding to [...]

Shaun Kenney, former Communications Director for the State GOP, has written an important piece in Bearing Drift contesting Corey Stewart’s position that Virginia should adopt an Arizona-like immigration policy.
The money quote is this:
It would be a shame if, barely two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the best hope for freedom chose to [...]