Senator McCaskill Says 6,600 Graves at Arlington Could Be Wrong
EPA Rejects Cuccinelli Challenge
With Petition Rejection, Virginia Returns to Court Over Global Warming
McDonnell to Push ABC Sale at Town Hall Meetings
McDonnell Open to Options on Shooting Range
Virginia Debate Continues Over Immigration Enforcement
Prince William Chairman Stewart Unveils Arizona-Like Immigration Bill
McDonnell Downplays Injunction Issued Against Arizona Law
Warner Chows [...]

McDonnell, Defense Secretary Greet Boy Scouts
Connolly, Perriello Split on Extending Bush Tax Cuts
Cuccinelli Reaction to Arizona Ruling “Mixed”
Cuccinelli to Donate Money from Navy Veterans’ Group
Cuccinelli to Give Questioned Cash to Veterans’ Charities
Warner on Top Chef, Cuccinelli on Greta
Hurt Blasts Perriello on Tax Cut Issues
Still No Consensus on 5th District Debates
Hurt, Perriello Share Concern of Local [...]

NAACP Criticizes Webb, Allen Makes Distinction
Virginia ACLU Joins Effort to Obtain FBI Racial Data
Virginia Prisons Chief: Stop Locking Up Those We’re Mad At
McDonnell Says Sale of Liquor Stores Will Provide “Windfall”
Rasmussen Poll Shows 64% Approval Rating for McDonnell
Cuccinelli, Ron Paul to Address First Virginia Tea Party Convention
NOVA BRAC Working Group Formed
Virginia Port Authority Operating Loss [...]

When Jim Webb’s op-ed was published in The Wall Street Journal, State Senator Donald McEachin praised Jim Webb for authoring a provocative article that could focus attention on what was needed to provide equal opportunity for all.
Doug Wilder was highly critical of Webb’s position, but most of the state’s prominent Dems- Warner, Kaine, and Scott- were [...]

When Jim Webb published an op-ed titled “Diversity and the myth of white privilege” last week in the Wall Street Journal (it should be noted Webb didn’t write the provocative headline that is less nuanced than the arguments he makes in the piece, the Wall Street Journal’s editors did), people took notice. Pieces that are [...]

Virginia NAACP Head Slams Webb Column
115 Ideas from Governor’s Economic Development Commission
McDonnell to Speak to U.S. House Republican Caucus
Lawmakers Worry about Losing ABC Profits
Federal Regulators Say Areva’s Mt. Athos Road Facility Safe
 Bolling to Mississippi for Oil Spill Briefing, National Meeting
Cuccinelli Headlines Murray Fundraiser
State Audit Calls for Better Cell Phone Contracts
Bill Would Try to Curb Wrongful [...]

McDonnell Fears James River Protections Too Strict
Bar Panel Debates Trials for Accused Terrorists
Stolle, Cahill Part Ways
RAM Clinics Serve Thousands in Wise
Lynchburg Hopes Paid Parking Plan Drives Downtown Change
PVCC Financial Aid Requests Skyrocket
Stafford to Look at Agricultural Zoning
Frederick County Officials Vote to Keep Book on Shelves

1. Webb v. Diversity: The Timing Question
Jim’s Webb’s op-ed in The Wall Street Journal Friday morning calling for an end to diversity programs and attacking the “myth” of white dominance will have everybody talking (for quite some time). In particular, why did Webb pick this moment to recycle a stance he took in 2006 to [...]

Webb Calls For End to Most Affirmative cation Programs, Criticizes “Myth” of White Dominance
Wilder Criticizes Webb Column, McEachin Praises It
Obama, McDonnell Both Take Credit for Virginia Job Growth
McDonnell Appoints “Tito the Builder” to Virginia Housing Board
McDonnell Headlines Fundraiser for Texas Governor in Virginia
Pentagon Board Report Pushes Closing of Norfolk’s Joint Forces Command
1500 Turn Out for [...]

In the lead up to the college football season, ESPN’s “College Football Live” is doing a series of “What ifs,” where the show speculates about what would have or could have happened in college football if certain plays in the past did not happen. Like what would have happened if Florida State didn’t have its [...]