Kinser Becomes First Woman to Head Virginia Supreme Court
Cuccinelli Blasts Utterly Destructive and Oppressive Federal Policies During Fredericksburg Visit
Northrop Grumman Vows to Fix Computer Problems
McDonnell Applies for Abstinence Only Grant
McDonnell Reappoints State Forester
Janet Howell Says House Snubbed Senate on Redistricting Hearings
Cuccinelli Town Halls Criticized as Campaign Stumping
Perriello to Speak to Tea Party in Lynchburg
Connolly Rides [...]

DMV Won’t Process Licenses on Tuesday
McDonnell Calls for Independent Investigation of State Computer Failure
Hundreds Attend McDonnell Town Hall in Danville
Judge Rules Against Cuccinelli in UVA Case
Judge Rejects Cuccinelli Probe
Altria Top Spending Lobbyist?
Group Opposes Immigration Power for State Troopers
First Lady Visits VIR
Goodlatte Stresses Austerity in Lynchburg Town Hall
Clark Offers to Drop Out of 5th District Race [...]

No Driver’s Licenses at DMV Monday
Redrawing Legislative Maps Likely to Face Challenges
State Gears Up for Redistricting
Griffith Baits Boucher, Wants Debates in Public Forums
Independent Candidate Clark in 5th District Has Debt History
Wolf Visits Riverton Dam
Cuccinelli Adds to Virginia Political Playbook
S. Carolina Gives Glimpse of New Abortion Clinic Rules
Cuccinelli Says Court Recording Systems Allowed
Tobacco Friendly Clubs Chafe [...]

1. McDonnell on the 2012 Ticket?
The attention that Governor Bob McDonnell is receiving in GOP circles nationally has picked up considerably in the last two months. The Governor’s slip-up on Confederate History month has receded into the background and conservative publications and pundits are touting the Virginia “surplus” as an example of what happens when [...]

JFCOM High Tech Jobs May Be Heading to Florida
Microsoft to Open Data Center in Southside
Technicians Will Work Through Weekend to Fix State Computers
Marshall Urges McDonnell To Reject Stimulus Funds
Transportation Group Backs ABC Privatization
Griffith to Get Fundraising Boost from McDonnell
McDonnell Military Commission to Meet Next Week on JFCOM
McDonnell Visits Winchester Plant
Warner Bemoans Lack of Congressional Coverage
Connolly [...]

McEachin for Governor?
Martinsville Speedway’s Future Secured
Bolling Takes Victory Lap on Martinsville Speedway Save
Massive Computer Outage Halts Some State Agencies
Some State Government Computer Service Restored
McDonnell Defends State Budget Surplus
McDonnell Names Members of Military Panel
Warner Says Local Offensive on JFCOM Closure Has Begun
Perriello Calls for Geithner Firing
Tea Partiers Give Perriello an Earful
Conservative Group Targets Webb in Cap [...]

Prince William Postpones Budgeting Stimulus Funds
Internet Gaming Cafes Booming While Legality is Debated
It’s No Work and All Pay for Government Worker in Norfolk
McDonnell in the National Spotlight
McDonnell Will Unveil ABC Proposal September 8
$15 Million Spent to Lobby Legislature
Critics Say Cuccinelli Opinion Could Shutter Albemarle Abortion Clinic
Watchdog Group Blasts Cuccinelli on Holiday Display Opinion
Warner Campaigns for [...]

College Presidents to Seek More Leeway on Tuition
Cuccinelli Wants Craigslist to Remove Adult Listings
Cuccinelli Okays Balanced Holiday Religious Displays
Tracking Marshall’s Opinions
Webb Secures Senate Hearing on JFCOM
Population Shifts to Alter House Districts
McDonnell Says Abortion Clinics Merit State Oversight
McDonnell Boasts of Budget Surplus on FOX
McDonnell Touts ABC Plan
Where Does Money From Liquor Sales Go
Haymore Highlights Leadership, [...]

A little more than two weeks ago, I wrote the following about Delegate Bob Marshall.
Marshall in the Middle
Has anyone noticed just how often Bob Marshall shows up right in the middle of all the recent hot button controversies? Marshall was first to the Virginia post in calling the health care bill unconstitutional. He was the [...]

(Or why neither tax cuts, nor stimulus spending will increase long-term employment):
Profit, the oxygen of business, that gap, that excess remnant of revenues over costs, is found by lowering costs, increasing sales, or some combination of the two.  It is a simple equation.  You can ignore it when demand is high.  High demand will drive [...]