Obama Chides McDonnell on Bay
Fiscal Group Doesn’t Find Humor in Obama Quip
McDonnell Will Count Votes Before Calling Special Session
Liquor Plan Scraps Two Taxes, Leaves $47 Million Hole
Cuccinelli Names Vets Groups to Receive Campaign Cash
Boucher Promises to Fight for Coal Industry at UMWA Picnic
Sabato’s Crystal Ball Moves 5th District to Leans Republican
Perriello Camp Slams Pollster
“Spending Revolt” [...]

Obama Takes His Attack to Cantor’s District
Obama Tells Supporters in Richmond to Go to Polls in November
Full Text of Obama’s Richmond Remarks
Cantor Welcomes Obama to Richmond, in a Way
Richmond Region Jobless Rate Steady at 7.9% in August
McDonnell Tweaks ABC Plan
House Panel Questions JFCOM Closing
Lawmakers May Issue Subpoenas on JFCOM
House Passes Goodlatte Bill Targeting Organized Crime [...]

Webb Accuses Pentagon of Stonewalling on JFCOM
Defense Official Says JFCOM Can’t Justify Budget
McDonnell Reports Little Progress on JFCOM Closure
Beer, Wine Wholesalers Attack McDonnell Plan
Obama to Discuss Economy and Tax Cuts in Richmond
Bolling Criticizes Obama’s “Anti-Business” Policies
McDonnell Expects Redistricting to Be Bipartisan
Report Says Enough Offshore Wind to Power Virginia
Senate Bill Calls for Every Grave at Arlington [...]

I appreciate that the Virginia Chamber has always represented the voice of business in Virginia. The Chamber also has not been willing to be viewed as a partisan entity, and you have supported folks in both parties who are working to get the job done. 
I also want to thank the Virginia Chamber for standing with [...]

Steger Asks Montgomery County to Reopen Blacksburg High Decision
Obama to Richmond on Wednesday
Kaine Says No Slight in Feingold Skipping Obama Rally
Gates Not Coming to Breakfast
Webb, Warner Renew Call for Pentagon Transparency
Norquist Says McDonnell’s ABC Plan Does Not Raise Taxes
Democrats to Hold Town Meetings on Privatization
McDonnell Says Coping with Growth Key to Future
Cuccinelli Stumps in Alabama [...]

McDonnell Outpaces Dems in Restoring Rights
Perriello Wants to End Tax Cuts for the Wealthy
Retired Doctor Takes on Forbes
Morrissey Plans to Pursue Protective Order Legislation
Report Says Virginia and Other States Sell Half of Imported Gun Crimes
Bankruptcy Filings, Violations in Portsmouth Mayoral Candidates’ Pasts
SWVA Wineries Boast of Potential for Competing with Anyone
Lackey’s Contract as Schools Superintendent Extended [...]

1. The Three Hardest Words
For a politician to say is “I was wrong.”  Governor Bob McDonnell went to Norfolk State University this week and apologized for the damage caused earlier this year when he issued a Confederate History Month proclamation that did not mention slavery. McDonnell noted that in the future he would call for a “Remembrance” of [...]

Energy Drinks Banned From High School Practices, Games
Seeking Racial Unity Over Slavery Silence,  McDonnell Turns Confederate History Month into Civil War in Virginia Remembrance
McDonnell Takes on Slavery Criticism at Norfolk State
EPA Slams Virginia Bay Cleanup Plan
More Virginia Roads to be Paved Post-Audit
McDonnell Names Another Group to Examine Cost Cutting Measures
Liquor, Religion and Politics Blend in [...]

Teresa Lewis is Executed
McDonnell Says Unused Road Funds Total $1 Billion
Kaine Responds to VDOT Audit
Cuccinelli Calls U.S. Theory on Health Care “Truly Radical”
Cuccinelli on Wilder, Terry, 1989 and 2013
McDonnell Requests Federal Dollar from Medicaid
Perriello Expects NRA Endorsement
NRA To Endorse Perriello, Calls Hurt a “True Friend”
NRA Letter to Hurt
Clark Calls on Civil Liberties Group for Help [...]

In the “modern” death penalty era, which began with the Supreme Court’s Gregg v. Georgia decision in 1976, executive commutations of death sentences are exceedingly rare by historical standards. 
According to data compiled by the Department of Justice, in the decade between 1961-1970, roughly 1 in 6 death sentences resulted in commutations.  In contrast, in the [...]