Grim Dems Await Huge House Losses Sink or Swim Time for Dems Virginia Holds Two Keys to Unlock GOP Resurgence in House Virginia Races Closely Watched McDonnell and Others Rally for Hurt GOP Slams Dems on Clark Mailers Environmental Groups Question Hurt on Uranium Vote 2nd District Candidates Reach Out in the Homestretch Virginia Voters […]

1. ” 2″ This is the over/under number of Democratic losses in the Virginia congressional delegation Tuesday evening. Any number lower than 2 and the Democrats will feel that they’ve dodged a bullet. Greater than two and the Republicans will be partying like it’s 2009. 2. House Majority Leader That’s what America is likely to […]

Cantor Says No Government Shutdown Large Crowd for Obama in C’Ville Obama Urges Perriello Re-election Obama’s Remarks Residents, Students, Protestors Pack Rally Hurt Calls Obama Visit “Hail Mary” Pass Dems Hold the Line with Perriello GOP Slams Democrat-Backed Mailings for Clark Voters in 11th Restless But Not as Angry Who’s Right on SWVA Job Numbers […]

C’Ville Prepares for Obama Kaine, Warner, Webb in Final Push for Congressional Candidates GOP Heavyweight Tour Hurt Promises to Cut Taxes, Regulations Perriello Gets Airtime on Colbert, Daily Show Perriello Says Hurt Would End Subsidies for Laid Off Workers Ag Secretary Tours with Perriello Bloomberg Backed Group, Tech Victim Brother Hit Fimian in New Ad […]

Obama Credits Perriello with Tough Vote Group to Protest Obama Visit to C’Ville Perriello Hangs Tough in Brutal 5th Hurt-Perriello Debate Centers on Economic Issues Perriello Hits Hurt on Outsourcing McDonnell’s Raised $2.5 Million for GOP Candidates McDonnell Enjoys Iowa, New Hampshire Dems Shell Out $1 Million to Boost Connolly Tea Party Leaders Ask Golden […]

McDonnell Says No Raises in Next Budget and May Cut Funding for NPR Kaine: A Nice Guy in a Nasty Time Obama to C’Ville Obama to Come to C’Ville for Perriello Perriello Statement on Obama Visit Hurt Statement on Obama Visit Veterans Rally for Hurt in Danville Perriello to Appear on Colbert McDonnell Stumps for […]

All summer, we’ve moiled along in the wrong debate in the matter of the governor’s plan to sell the state-owned liquor stores.  Should liquor sales be privatized?  Absolutely.  Unequivocally.  A state monopoly on alcohol sales makes no more sense than would similar monopolies on donut franchises, shoe stores, or tire recapping outlets.  Then what has […]

Cantor Cautiously Optimistic GOP Will Take House Nye-Rigell Tied in CNU Poll, Golden gets 5% Virginia 5th 2nd in Outside Spending Spending Spikes in 5th Ag Secretary to Campaign for Perriello Perriello-Clark Square Off at UVA Roundup of 5th District Endorsements Griffith Collects Endorsements Virginia Top Republicans to Help Congressional Candidates The Post’s Snapshots of […]

Cantor Proposes Separating Israel Aid from Foreign Ops Budget Cuccinelli: Virginia’s Rising Star of the Right Congressional Races Flush with Cash Nye Faces Rigell and Golden Waugh Begins TV Ads, Perriello Plans Blitz Perriello, Hurt Seeking Last Second Converts 10th District Foes Delineate Agendas Carrico to Receive John Marshall Award On UVA’s Campus, Struggling to […]

1. “I’ll Try the Regular….” Session that is. This is what Bob McDonnell said this week about the ABC privatization proposal that’s been plagued by GOP defections in the House. I think that the original political strategy was relatively straightforward. Utilize a large GOP majority to win in the House. And then put NOVA and Hampton Roads […]

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