Virginia  Alcohol Ad Ban Appeal Rejected by Supreme Court
Cuccinelli Team Heads to Supreme Court Wednesday
Virginia Releases Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Plan
Chesapeake Bay Area States, District Submit Plans to Improve Polluted Waters
State Employees Get Bonus Wednesday
McDonnell Asks Tobacco Panel to Help Woo California Business
McDonnell Seeks Tobacco Funds to Lure Biotech Companies
McDonnell Says Tobacco Commission Needs Improvements
Corey Stewart Says [...]

Poker at Falls Church High Stirs Debate
$37,000 Hole in Hamilton’s Campaign Account
Mumpower to Focus on Economy, Jobs
Tea Party Works to Gain Influence
State Workers Pay Lags Privates
State’s Poor Getting Poorer
State Ed Standards Open Doors for Niche Publishers
Report Says Pollution Causing the Bay Millions
Ag Secretary Haymore a Rising Star
Maggie Walker School Gets Reproductions of Key Documents

It was an extremely slow political week, though our leading political figures all found something to be thankful for.
1. Mark Warner
Virginia’s junior senator may have been one of the few Democrats who didn’t mind the whipping his party took at the beginning of the month. Warner could well be thankful for a divided national government. [...]

Liquor an Hour Away? McDonnell’s Plan Brings Relief
Oceana, DOD Seek Clarity on Oceanfront Development
McDonnell Urges Shoppers to Patron Small Businesses Saturday
Workers Seek New Skills at Community Colleges But Classes Are Full
New Law Requires Concussion Guidelines
UVA Early Admissions More Popular than Ever
Beach Schools Might Adjust Midterms
Suffolk Returns Land to Nansemond Tribe
Blue Ridge Regional Jail Construction Ahead [...]

Morgan Renews Push to Decriminalize Pot
Muslim Inmate Wins Concessions Against DOC
ODU Survey Says Residents Favor Light Rail Expansion
Oh Deer! Auto Collisions with Wildlife on Rise in Suffolk
UVA Preserves Civil Rights Era News Films

Cuccinelli: Teachers Okay to Confiscate Cellphones, Read Texts
Whitehead Criticizes Cuccinell Opinion
Obama Wind Program Draws Praise from McDonnell and Sierra Club
Wind Farm Off Ground in Laurel Mountain
Virginia Settles Lawsuit by Muslim Prisoner
Habeeb, Mumpower 8th District Nominees
Virginia’s Thanksgiving Traditions
Isle of Wight Leaders Oppose Navy Project
Report Says Bidding Law Broken Over Poff Federal Building
Goodlatte Again Calls on GSA [...]

GOP Picks Stanley to Run for Hurt Seat
Virginia Jobless Rate Stays at 6.5%
McDonnell, Va. Lawmakers Confront Gates on JFCOM
Some JFCOM Functions May Remain in Hampton Roads
JLARC Report Says McDonnell Plan Off By Millions
JLARC Says McDonnell Estimates on ABC Privatization Too High
Forbes Sentenced to 10 Years for $4 Million Fraud
Maryland, Virginia, DC Leaders Push Ahead with [...]

Virginia’s GOP Switch Could Help Allen
Hoping to Save JFCOM, Virginia Leaders Head to Pentagon
McDonnell Urges Caution in State Spending
Theft Raises Questions about Use and Safety of Tobacco Settlement Money
Legislative Panel Hears Concerns About Bay Cleanup
Virginia, EPA Near Bay Accord
Virginians Slowly Warm to Recycling
McDonnell, O’Malley, Gray Will Meet on Metro Governance Issue
Judge Allows Virginia Tech Shooting [...]

The ease of electoral rhetoric is behind us and now the Herculean task of governing looms ahead. 
And while the focus of GOP/Tea Party electoral success was reining in government, the enormous scope of government and its far-reaching tentacles is still with us.  Whether education, infrastructure restoration, environmental necessities, transportation, the plight of inner cities, [...]

GOP Approves Primary for Senate
McDonnell Says Role with RGA Will Benefit Virginia
Bolling’s Job Grows to Include Growing Jobs
Tobacco Panel Lax in Oversight of Forbes Grant
Forbes to be Sentenced Tomorrow
Tea Party Focuses on Sustained Presence
Nye Harbors No Regrets
Lawmakers Redraw Battle Lines
Canvass Turnout May Be Sparse
Brooks Enters Crowded GOP Race
Maxwell Remembered
Port of Richmond Draft Accord is Issue
8 [...]