McDonnell Faces Tough Choices
McDonnell Pays Tribute to Tangier Doctor
Webb-Allen Could be 2012 Most Interesting Race
Goodlatte’s Constitution Reading Plan
Gear Resigns from House for Medical Reasons
Virginia Traffic Fatalities Lowest on Record
Virginia to Tighten Textbook Review Process
Virginia Museum to Hold Forum on Electronic Sign Plans
D0minion Power Rates Going Up as Settlement Credits Expire
Detectives Say Norfolk a Hotbed for [...]

Tucker Carlson Says Vick “Should Have Been Executed” on Hannity Guest Spot
Supreme Court Immigration Ruling Sparks Disputes in Virginia Courts
EPA Accepts Virginia Bay Plan
Transportation Business Groups Back McDonnell Plan as First Step
Morrissey Files Counter-Bill to Marshall on Gays in Guard
Lawmakers Eye Payday and Car Title Lenders
Virginia Leaders Focus on Job Creation
State May House Sex Offenders [...]

Radtke  to Run for Senate
Reaction to Radtke Rollout
McDonnell Pitches Debt for Roads
Politico Says Griffith Among Those to Watch on Energy Issues
Review Finds Some History Texts Filled with Errors
Fairfax Schools Chief Seeks Raises for Employees, Supervisors Critical
Is Cantor “Friends with Birther?
ODU Researcher Says to Speed Up Foreclosures to Stabilize Market
Bay Improving But Still Critical
Cyclists Who Commute [...]

Politifact: Scott on the Costs of the Tax Cut
McDonnell Funding for Some Nonprofits Questioned
EPA Inspecting Virginia Dairy Farms
Views at Clarendon Case Dismissed
Cost of Hampton Roads Cleanup Unknown
Beach Sleuth Guards Against Waste, Fraud and Abuse
GMU Eager to Shed Commuter School Status
Retirement Changes Could Cause Albemarle Millions
Warren County Puts Hold on School Money

Hampton Roads’ Biggest Snowfall in 21 Years
McDonnell Plans a Bolder Second Year
McDonnell to Defend State’s Bond Rating
As Allen Mulls Senate Run, Conservatives Grumble about His Record
Radtke May Run for Senate
Boucher: 28 Yrs of Service in SWVA Politics
Politifact: Armstrong Says McDonnell Didn’t Consult on Transportation Plan
State Board of Ed Proposes Online Restrictions from Teachers to Students
Bill [...]

Trooper Shortage Causing Safety Concerns in SWVA
Virginia Puts Homeowners on Fast Track to Foreclosure
Perriello Earmarks Not Included in Stopgap Resolution
McDonnell to Hire Hammond
McDonnell to Serve Christmas Eve Lunch at Homeless Shelter
Upcoming Specials Keep Candidates Busy
Goodlatte Scores One for the Constitution, Thanks Cuccinelli
Robertson Questions Harsh Pot Laws
Poquoson Offers School Employees Early Retirement Incentive
Changes Proposed on How [...]

McDonnell Wants to Advance Trooper Training
Virginia to Preserve Site of Slave Burials
Politifact: McDonnell Flip-Flops on Pension Contributions
Cantor Payroll Up 81% Since 2001
Virginians React to DADT Repeal
Assembly to Host Public Hearings on Budget
Hurt to Be Sworn in January 5
Judge Denies Defense Access to Love’s Medical Records
Judge Allows Access to Love’s Adderall Records
$189,000 Missing Due to HRT [...]

Governor Calls Claim That Forbes Fraud was Ignored Troubling
Roanoke College Poll Has McDonnell Approval at 57%, Obama 36%
Population Growth Not Enough to Add Congressional Seat
Governor’s Committee Finds Virginia Health Care Mediocre
ACLU Threatens to Sue Over Marshall Bill
Connolly Says Contractor Cuts in NOVA to be Much Smaller than Previously Feared
Perriello Summarizes His Two Years in Office
State [...]

Cuccinelli Supports Repeal Amendment
Virginia GOPer Wants Local Gay Ban
Marshall Wants to Ban Gays from Guard
McDonnell Says Virginia Guard Should Implement Repeal of DADT
McDonnell Tells FOX His Proposal Will Shore Up State Pension System
Kirk Gives $100,000 to McDonnell’s PAC
Cuccinelli Says Mortgage Companies Will Pay Fines for Illegal Fees
NRA Endorses Habeeb
Virginia Tobacco Panel Gives, $953,641 Grant for [...]

Webb, Warner Vote to Repeal DADT
Will Webb Run Again?
Redistricting Likely to Impact Valley
Payback Time on Pension System
Tip Spurred Forbes Case
Audit Finds HRT Skirted Contracting and Bidding Laws
Hurt’s Health Claim False
Natural Gas is New Direction for Virginia Energy
Fox Penning Hits Sensitive Nerve
Norfolk Mayor Will Apologize to Teen
Consultant Plans Beefy Outreach Campaign for Alexandria Schools
Audit Shows Bedford [...]