Cuccinelli Applauds Another “Victory for Liberty”
Allen, Radtke Laud Health Care Ruling
Delivery of Census Data Means Redistricting Battle is Near
Report Says Illegal Immigration Enforcement Takes Toll on U.S. Hispanic Population
Tea  Party Groups Endorse Liquor Privatization
House Republicans Hammer at Federal Overreach
Conservative Group Targets Howell for Support of Autism Bill
Bill To Send Existing Sales Taxes to NOVA for [...]

Catching Up with Tim Kaine
Janis, Edwards Bills Would Redraw Court Districts
Virginia Hands Out Millions to Big Business
Abortion Opponents Split on Next Move
Making Room for Virginia’s Brightest in Its Best Schools
Lawmakers Aim at Scrapyards to Control Metal Thieves
Oyster Legislation Creating Waves
Tea Party Activist Light Announces Plan to Run Against Puckett
Redrawing of 5th District Promises Political Drama 
Hamilton [...]

1. Speaking of the AG
Someone mentioned to me the other day that Ken Cuccinelli hadn’t been very visible lately.
I told him that there was no need to worry about the AG, he’d be back in the headlines shortly.
On Friday, Cuccinelli issued a slew of opinions, responding to a request from John O’Bannon by observing that [...]

Cuccinelli Says VA. Constitution Does Not Allow State to Fund Private Charities
Cuccinelli Says Fairfax Can’t Charge for AP Courses
Cuccinelli Says Guard May Have to Abide by U.S. on Gays
Cuccinelli Says Virginia Would Have to Fund Own Militia to Keep Gay Ban
McDonnell Remakes Board Of Elections
Assembly Sets Primary Elections for August 23
Cline Bid To Repeal Corporate [...]

Jim Moran: Racism Fueled Democratic Losses
Jim Moran Says GOP Won in 2010 Because a “Lot of People” Don’t Want Black President
Cuccinelli Intervenes in Suit Alleging Pension Fraud
Connaughton Says State Did Its Best to Deal with Snowstorm
Radtke Addresses U.S. Senate Tea Party Caucus
House Panel Approves Autism Coverage
House Votes to Alter Workers Comp Law
House Panel Won’t Ban [...]

Appeals Judge to Hear Virginia Health Care Lawsuit in May
McDonnell Testimony on State of the American Workforce
Bolling Urges Chamber to Back Roads Plan
Conservation/Smart Growth Groups Oppose Transportation Plan
Senate Democrats Propose Worker Retraining, Preference for Virginia Contractors
Radtke to Speak at Tea Party Caucus
Dems Take Aim at Allen
Allen Challenges, Webb Shrugs
Committee Backs Higher Ed Overhaul Legislation
Colgan Sides [...]

Virginia Jobless Rate Unchanged at 6.7%
McDonnell to Give UVA Commencement Address
Conservative Bills Okayed in House, Face Long Odds in Senate
House Passes States Rights Measure
GOP Cries Foul Over Dems Refusal to Hold Full Committee Vote on Repeal Amendment
Saslaw Wants To Limit Future Debt
Bill Would Give Daters Easier Path to Restraining Orders
Democratic Lawmakers Back Protection for Gays
Hugo [...]

 The numbers are overwhelming, but they pale beside the waste, pale beside the human tragedies, beside the heart-sickening, leather-skinned, flinty-eyed, toothless remnants of human beings we knew as healthy, open, innocent, clear-eyed children just a few years ago. 
I see them every day.  We all do.  We all know them.  We know them everywhere, when we [...]

Allen’s In
Allen’s Team
Allen’s Video
DSCC Slams Allen
Warner to Introduce Bill to Cut Trillions in Spending
Cantor Says No Federal Bailout of States
5 Senate Democrats Back McDonnell’s Roads Plan
McDonnell’s Transportation Plan Gets Support Across the Aisle in the Senate
Bill Would Allow McDonnell to Appoint Member of Metro Board
McDonnell to Testify before Congress on Wednesday
Payday Lending Restrictions Die In [...]

Cantor Believes Obama is U.S. Citizen
Cantor: 60B in Cuts Now, More Later
Virginia Expects Scathing U.S. Critique of System of Caring for the Developmentally Disabled
Plan to Boost Disabilities Funding a Start But Still Not Enough
Data Show Drop in Criminal Firepower During Assault Weapon Ban
Bills Take Aim at Sunday Hunting Ban
Allen to Announce Senate Bid Today
Warner, Cantor [...]