Assembly at Odds Over Congressional Districts
Nardo Elected Clerk
Anti-Abortion Activists Ask Board of Health to Model Regs After South Carolina’s
Warner, Wolf Team Up on Jobs Legislation
Newport News To Invest $15.5M in Apprentice School Project
Virginia Lawmakers Want “Arlington” Commissioned in Norfolk
Richmond Picks Jail Builder
APCo Plant Faces Shutdown
Griffith Blames EPA for Giles County Coal Plant Closing
Albemarle Board Drops [...]

Competing Proposals Could Impact BLack Voter Influence
Cantor First to Call for Weiner Resignation
Cantor Calls on Weiner to Resign
Kaine Says Weiner Should Go
Cantor Holds Firm on No Tax Option
Allen Signs Contract with America
Griffith Says New Church Damage Estimate May Help FEMA Appeal
Hurt Talks Jobs
Virginia Organizing Rallies at Hurt’s Office
Schmookler Compares Race Against Goodlatte to Mission to [...]

Northrop Grumman to Spend $5 Million to Fix Computer Problems
Senate Panel Questions Cuccinelli on Charitable Giving
McDonnell Says Business Contacts Can Help Export Democracy
McDonnell Endorses Federal Role at Fort Monroe
Smith-Stanley Won’t Become Rivals
Stanley-Reynolds to Face-Off
Outer Beltway Revived
Planned Parenthood Requests Gets Preliminary Denial
Rand Study Says Claims of Economic Boon from Highway Investment Debatable
Beach Man in Spanking Case [...]

Cuccinelli Sends Redistricting Map to Both Justice Department and Court for Review
Hamilton Under Fire for Alleged Deception in ODU Bribery Case
Feds Say Evidence Against Hamilton “Reeks”
Federal Court Hears Two Health Care Appeals
Virginia Officials Make Case Against Obama Health Care Law
Health Care Law Gets Friendly Reception from Appeals Court Panel
Poll Puts McDonnell on Top Among Virginia [...]

Witness Says ODU Official Claimed to Lead Hamilton’s Center
Spielberg Will Film Lincoln in Richmond, Petersburg
Cantor Says He’s Still with Ryan on Medicare
Kaine Heading to Hollywood?
Allen Being Tracked by Alan
Forbes Removes $30M for Mayport Carrier Move
Harvey Morgan to Retire from House
Environmentalists Worry as Allies Retire From Assembly
Republicans Keep Pressing for Soering Documents
Virginia to File Complaint in [...]

Republicans Hit Kaine After Obama Speech
Long Shot Alternative to Kaine
Dueling Congressional Maps
CNU Report Says New Legislative Districts Would be Worse Than Old
Senate Dems Respond to Prince William County and NAACP Redistricting Attack
Civil Rights Group Says Proposed Prince William Magisterial Boundaries Would Dilute Minority Voice
Gay Groups Press McDonnell on Regs for Adoption, Fostering
Cuccinelli Says Adoptions Regs [...]

Cantor Says Obama Dragged to Table on Spending
McDonnell Presses Social as Well as Fiscal Issues
Kaine at W&M: Dems Must Stick to Principles
Lawmakers Eye Congressional Maps
HPV Vaccine Law Raises Questions
Criminal Prosecutions Soar in Rent to Own Sector
WHRO Skirts Budget Cutters’ Knives
Madison Budget Backlash Builds

Judge Refuses To Dismiss Hamilton Charges
McDonnell Civil War Proclamation Condemns Slavery
Mixed Results for McDonnell in Veto Session
Lawmakers Okay Abortion Coverage Limits
Senate Sustains McDonnell’s PE Bill Veto
McDonnell Gets Long Sought Seat on Metro Board
Assembly Overrides Medical Malpractice Veto
Senate Rejects McDonnell Bill to Cut PBS Funds
UVA Gets $2.7M for Rotunda Repairs
Virginia Not Applying for High Speed Rail [...]

Kaine Announces
Kaine Enters
Allen on Kaine’s Entry
Radtke on Kaine’s Entry
Kaine and Allen Go At It
House Advances Redistricting Plan
Abortion, Adoption Rights Dominate
McDonnell Opposes Allowing Same Sex Couples to Adopt
Gay Rights Group Blasts Marshall Over Proposed Adoption Changes
Howell Calls McDonnell Zealot on Social Issues
McDonnell Plans Asia Trade Trip
Assembly Looking to Fill High Court Vacancies
Legislators Quiz Bench Candidates
Goodlatte Seeks [...]

McDonnell Wants to Bar Exchanges from Covering Abortions
Redistricting Plan Lambasted at Hampton Forum
Warner Files Arlington National Cemetery Legislation
PETA Seeks Sponsorship of I-81 Rest Stop
Jones Proposes $1,000 Bonus for Richmond Employees
Hampton Roads Postpones EPA Challenge