DOJ Requests Interviews with Redistricting Legislators
Webb Says U.S. Blase’ On Use of Force
Blunt Challenges Cantor on Aid Offsets
Dems Push Allen for Firm Position on Ryan Budget
Hochul Prevails in NY 26
McDonnell Still Wants to Back a Governor
McDonnell Won’t Intervene in Soering Case
House R’s Raise More than $500,000 at Annual Retreat
Kaine on Star Tek Closing
Virginia Gets a [...]

Hamilton Found Guilty of Bribery and Extortion
Howell “Saddened” by Hamilton Conviction
Kaine Calls on Republicans to End Big Oil Subsidies
Warner, Coburn Introduce Bill to $5 Billion
New Poll Gives Kaine “Slight” Edge
Does “Macaca” Still Matter
House Panel Rejects Funding for Moving Norfolk Carrier to Florida
McDonnell Opens Trade Office in Shanghai
Virginia Sells Itself in Chinese and Korean
State Senate Map [...]

McDonnell Inspects Gloucester Tornado Damage
Governor Chides Senate on Redistricting
Saslaw Expects Federal Judge to Take Over Redistricting
House Passes Tweaked Redistricting Legislation
Assembly Postpones Redistricting Debate
GOP Has Cash Edge in Legislative Elections
Allen Advocates Flat Tax Option
Unlike DNC, Kaine Will Accept Money from PACS, Lobbyists
Virginia Social Service Commissioner Advises Against Adoption Changes
Prince William Human Rights Commission Asks County to [...]

Salem Council Expected to Delay Chicken Vote
McDonnell Walks Tightrope
McDonnell Talks to Obama at White House
Cantor: Defense of Marriage Act Action by Friday
Radtke Says Republicans Must Do More to Cut Spending, Including Cantor
Lawmakers Reflect on the Session
Lawmakers Reject Governor’s Plan for Sex Offenders
U.S. Files Response to Virginia Health Care Challenge
Bay Advocates Retire
Hope Tried to Ban Smoking [...]

Assembly Approves Budget, Adjourns
Lawmakers End with Increased Spending on Health Care, Schools
Capitol Scorecard
School Systems Sweat Over PE Requirements
Ashley McIntosh’s Death, Morther’s Campaign Led to Passage of Traffic Bill
Norment’s Hands-Free Cell Phone Bill Fails
Gloucester’s Fight for Open Government
How Much Help Does Norfolk Mayor Fraim Need
Norfolk Ordinance Could Have ‘Em Dancing in the Street
Councilwoman’s Attorney Asks for [...]

1. The Kaine Preference
The Democratic Party establishment made it clear at the JJ dinner last might that Tim Kaine is its first choice for a Senate nominee to replace Jim Webb. Speaker after speaker expressed their perference for the former Governor openly and directly. And while Kaine told an interviewer just a few weeks ago [...]

Obama Says Kaine Would be Great Senator
Kaine Won’t Announce Intention This Weekend
Elleithee Says 5 Dems Could Win
Would Perriello Be Better for Obama?
Allen Best Be Wary of Grassroots
McDonnell Helps Cantor Raise Money
Ticer to Retire
Evans Announces Run Against Reynolds to Tea Party
Senators Brawl Over Ploy to Kill Hotel Occupancy Tax
Antiabortion Bills Fail in Senate Committee
Roanoke Labor Day [...]

Cantor Says GOP Will Defund Health Care Law
Bolling Breaks Ties
Assembly Hands McDonnell Defeat on ABC Privatization
Kimball Payne’s Assembly Roundup
Eminent Domain Restrictions Pass in House, Fail in Senate
Senate Passes Bills to Crack Down on Texting While Driving
Senate Backs Autism Treatment Coverage
Senate Okays Bills Requiring Contractors to Verify Work Status
Senate Bill Banning Drinking While Carrying Firearms Advances
Senate [...]

McDonnell: GOP Not Ready for Obama (Yet)
Study Says Pentagon Should Pay for Transportation Improvements Necessitated by BRAC
Wind Energy Site Could Be Leased by Year’s End
Cuccinelli Disappointed by SCC Ruling on Dominion Rate Settlement
Senate Approves McDonnell Transportation Plan
House and Senate Pass McDonnell Higher Ed Package
Tea Party Comes Out Against McDonnell Transportation Funding Plan
McDonnell Wants Flexibility on [...]

House Committee Won’t Consider ABC Privatization
Assembly Splits on Giving State Workers 401K Option
Jones Ends Push to Replace Pensions with 401K Style Plan
Virginia Senate Panel Rejects Triggerman Bill
Senate Approves Protections for Gay Workers, House Remains Opposed
Senate Panel Approves Smith Bill to Post Budget Bill Online
Both Chambers Okay Inmates Working at Rest Stops
Protective Order Expansion Bill Advances [...]