U.S. Threatens to Sue Virginia Over Institutionalization of the Disabled
Mourners Gather in Memory of Hassell
Webb Says 6 Years is Just About Right
Warner Hopes Kaine Will Run
Draft Efforts for Kaine and Perriello
Warner Expresses Reservations about McDonnell Roads Plan
Warner Reaction to Mubarak
Warner Tours Botetourt
Wittman Urged to Run for Senate
Forbes Slams Same Sex Fields on Passport Forms
McDonnell” Northrop-Gamesa [...]

Doesn’t that sound good?
It didn’t receive much attention last week
Given the budget issues and the furor over the Cuccinelli Letter
But the Assembly decision to send Bill Mims to the Supreme Court
Was simply an excellent choice.
I’ve known Bill (excuse me, Justice Mims) for more than a decade.
He regularly came to the Virginia Politics class that I [...]

Mims Selected for State Supreme Court
Governor Issues Directive Against Discrimination
UVA Grateful for McDonnell Move
Kaine’s Office Had Role in Quashing Findings About State Children’s Hospital
Virginia First State to Approve Bill to Bar Health Insurance Mandate
McDonnell Signs Offshore Energy Bills
Boycott Urged for Muslim Imam’s Prayer in House
State Budget Negotiators Making Progress
Senate Panel Votes to Add Non-Discrimination to [...]

Proposed Defense Budget Would Pave Way for Carrier Base in Florida
5 Democrats Help Pass Proposals to Outlaw Mandated Health Insurance
Virginia Senate Bills Spurn Health Insurance Mandate
McDonnell Halts Kaine Plan to Extend Benefits to Same Sex Partners
Phillips Prescription Drug Bill Passes Subcommittee
70 MPH Bill Gets Early Approvals
Court Appointed Job Ethics Bill Gets Early Approval in House
Bill [...]

Mims’ Letter on Health Care
McPadden Calls for “Conservative Convention” to Select One “Conservative” Challenger to Hurt in 5th District GOP Primary
McDonnell Cuts Cabinet Salaries
McDonnell Approves Sledd’s Service on Corporate Boards
McDonnell Inaugural Money Rolls In
D.C. Area to Get Northrop Grumman Headquarters
VDOT Lays Off 678
Delegate Paula Miller’s Warning Gets New Attention as Light Rail Costs Soar
Meyers to [...]

1. Mims Joins Suit Threat Against the Cornhusker Kickback
Outgoing Attorney General Bill Mims joined with 12 other GOP AG’s across the nation to threaten a lawsuit if Congress ultimately endorses the Cornhusker Kickback, the deal which got Nebraska a $100 Million Medicaid subsidy in return for Senator Ben Nelson’s “yes” vote on the health care [...]

In a week dominated by retrospectives on 2009, the opening story of 2010 was short shrifted.
Outgoing Virginia Attorney General Bill Mims joined with 12 other Republican Attorney Generals in threatening a lawsuit if Congress approves the “Cornhusker Kickback,” the $100 Million Medicaid deal that Senator Ben Nelson negotiated for Nebraska as the price of his [...]

Mims Joins 13 GOP AG’s Threatening Suit Over Health Care
Virginia Unemployment Rate Steady at 6.4%
Kaine Talks Payday Loans
McDonnell Deputy Campaign Manager Rexrode Become RPV Executive Director
Prefiled Gun Legislation
GOP 5th District Primary May Be Costly for Taxpayers
Bid to Run Power Line Through Virginia Withdrawn
State Wins $865,000 Judgment Against Employment Firms
Hampton Plans to Borrow $30 Million to [...]

Kaine Seeks Ways to Increase Revenues
Virginia Gas and Oil Board Votes to Audit $24 Million Escrow Fund
Virginia Panel Hears About Juvenile Justice Racial Disparities
Virginia Weighs Punishment Alernatives
Pakistani Court Slows Handover of NOVA Men
Allen Criticizes Health Care Overhaul
Obenshain is Confident in Defeat of Triggerman Rule
Virginia Jobless Benefits on Way Afer Delay
AG’s Office Takes Internet Safety to [...]