Conservative Groups Launch Anti-Obama Ads
Hampton Roads Congressmen Chide Warner and Webb Over Carrier Moves
McDonnell Not Interested in Reviving Virginia Climate Panel
McDonnell, Cuccinelli Fly to Vail for Koch Bothers Seminar
Dems Gather at the Homestead
Redistricting Has Some Legislators Househunting
Martin, Houck Running
Thomas Running Against Ruff
Virginia Conservators Police Powers Raise Questions in D.C. Area
Backup on Way for State Troopers
New [...]

Marshall Takes Flag Flap to Bernake
Warner Disappointed that Talks Unraveled
McDonnell Asks SBA for Tornado Aid
Did McDonnell Tip Liberals to Koch Confab
Houck Running
Donors Provided $24,000 for Hamilton Defense
Goochland Treasurer Losses at $230,000
Falwell Appointed to Manufacturing Development Board
“Reasonable Assurance” for Bypass Funding

Flag at Fed Reignites Gay Rights Debate
Conservatives Call on Fed to Take Down Gay Pride Flag
Allen Expresses Regret Over Macaca Comment
Trump Dings Cantor
Wampler Won’t Seek Reelection
Wampler Retires
Blevins Running

A Prince William circuit court judge judge ruled last week that a FOIA request by the American Tradition Institute for the emails of former UVA climate scientist Michael Mann should be granted.
I wasn’t surprised by the ruling inasmuch as FOIA requests for information produced on state computers are usually acceded to by public institutions.
In fact, the [...]

State Will Appeal U.S. Fine Against Va. Tech
Senate Reaches Tentative Redistricting Deal
Assembly Delays Work to Accommodate Fundraiser
Allen Unapologetic Over Medicare Vote
Steve Waters to Join Allen Team
Allen Dismissive of Wind Energy, McDonnell Less So
McDonnell Thanks Smart for Staying at VCU
UVA Says it Will Exercise Available Options on Climate Chnage Records Request
Beach Schools at Odds with City [...]

Cantor Escalates GOP Demands on Debt Limit
Warner Says JFCOM Closure Could Prompt Brain Drain
Supreme Court Renews Death Probe in CVTC Case
Bedford City Boards Vote to Sue Bedford County School Board Over School Closure
Next 6 Year Roads Plan Contains $2.6 Billion More
Shad Planking
Stewart Eyes Senate Bid
Marshall Still Interested in Senate Run
Hampton Roads Leaders Praise Senate Dems [...]

1. Collision Course
We should have seen it coming.
Dick Saslaw telling the audience at the JJ dinner that people were coming up to him all the time and saying “Thank God for the Virginia Senate.”
Janet Howell’s observation that the Governor is, at heart, a “zealot” on social issues.
And Lieutenant Governor’s Bill Bolling recent advice that the [...]

Poll Shows Allen with 13 Point Lead
Allen Challenges Kaine on Offshore Drilling
Super PAC to Take Aim at Kaine
Senate Passes Its Redistricting Plan
Senate Okays Plan that Ends Smith Seat
Senate Dems Plan Splits Lynchburg
Bolling Says McDonnell Should Reject Maps without Bipartisan Support
Senate, House Likely to Propose Different Congressional Maps
Debate Intensifies Over Gay Adoption Rules
Stewart Plans Media Blitz [...]

Judge Refuses To Dismiss Hamilton Charges
McDonnell Civil War Proclamation Condemns Slavery
Mixed Results for McDonnell in Veto Session
Lawmakers Okay Abortion Coverage Limits
Senate Sustains McDonnell’s PE Bill Veto
McDonnell Gets Long Sought Seat on Metro Board
Assembly Overrides Medical Malpractice Veto
Senate Rejects McDonnell Bill to Cut PBS Funds
UVA Gets $2.7M for Rotunda Repairs
Virginia Not Applying for High Speed Rail [...]

Kaine Announces
Kaine Enters
Allen on Kaine’s Entry
Radtke on Kaine’s Entry
Kaine and Allen Go At It
House Advances Redistricting Plan
Abortion, Adoption Rights Dominate
McDonnell Opposes Allowing Same Sex Couples to Adopt
Gay Rights Group Blasts Marshall Over Proposed Adoption Changes
Howell Calls McDonnell Zealot on Social Issues
McDonnell Plans Asia Trade Trip
Assembly Looking to Fill High Court Vacancies
Legislators Quiz Bench Candidates
Goodlatte Seeks [...]