Cantor Says America Will Not Tolerate Terrorism
Warner: A Sense of Justice
McDonnell: Great and Historic Moment
Virginia Beach-Based Seals Tasked to Kill Bin Laden
Govt. Watchdog Group Faults McDonnell for Action on Redistricting Bill
McDonnell to New York for Economic Meetings
Warner at Budget Table
Former ODU Official “Got Scared” Over Hamilton Hire
Dominion Files Requests for Three Rate Increases
C’Ville to Try [...]

Spielberg Lunches at Millies with Virginia Film Officials
Cantor Dismisses Budget Proposal as “Too European”
McDonnell Elected RGA Vice-Chair
Allen, Webb Gear Up for Potential Rematch
Perriello for Senate?
Gates to Meet with Virgina Leaders on JFCOM Closing
Webb Says Verdict Shows Need for Military Commissions
After Webb Threat, Defense Officials Turn Over JFCOM Info
Warner to Co-Chair India Caucus
Behind Goodlatte’s Term Limit Pledge
Hurt [...]

A big story in The Virginian Pilot reports that the head of the Virginia National Guard, Major General Bob Newman has had a paid position on the advisory board of a business that was run by a person who had been one of his subordinate officers.
The Pilot story quotes a number of individuals who maintain [...]

Crist to Run as an Independent
Cantor: We’re Not You’re Daddy’s GOP
McDonnell Directs Policy to Expand Affordable Housing
McDonnell Reappoints Flaherty and Wright
McDonnell to Hold Fundraiser at Mansion for The Healing Place
McDonnell Lifts Ban on State Police Troopers Referring to Jesus in Public Prayers
Bolling Holds Roundtable Broadband Discussion in Danville
Cuccinelli Says Battery Operated Cigarettes Don’t Violate Smoking [...]

Man Charged with Murder in 8 Appomattox Shootings
McDonnell Reverses Kaine’s Decision on Soering Murder Case
McDonnell and VDOT Will Reopen Rest Areas by April 15th
Rest Stop Relief Coming for Desperate Drivers in Virginia
Governor Removes Hall from ABC Commission
McDonnell Invites Sledd to Attend Cabinet Meetings
McDonnell Reflects on Brown’s Win
Does Kaine Weather Massachusetts Loss as DNC Chairman?
Webb Pulls [...]

McDonnell’s Inaugural Address
McDonnell Sworn In
Legislators Unleash Flood of Ethics Reforms Proposals
First Lady Outlines Plans to Promote Women
Sheila Johnson Talks Up McDonnell for President
Sledd Accuses Senate Democrats of Double Standard
Goode Says Groups Have Asked Him to Run
Verga Staffer Regrets Anti-Gay Remarks
College Students Rent Textbooks to Save Money
Casteen and Steger Salaries in Top 10 Nationally
A Shot at [...]

Governor Bob McDonnell made a last minute Cabinet switch to defuse the growing controversy over Bob Sledd’s interest in remaining on corporate boards while serving as a Cabinet Secretary.
McDonnell made Jim Cheng Secretary of Commerce and named Sledd Senior Advisor, a post he’ll serve in on an unpaid basis.
Democrats claimed that they had the votes [...]

1. McDonnell and the Challenges of Pragmatic Conservatism
During the campaign, Bob McDonnell embraced a pragmatic conservatism, suggesting that a conservative approach to government was best suited to resolving Virginia current economic problems and addressing long-term intractable problems such as transportation and funding for higher ed. The success of the approach is dependent on convincing activists [...]

Kaine Asks Justice Department to Approve Transfer of Convicted Murderer to Germany
Families Cry Out After Kaine Recommendation, Cuccinelli and Newman Denounce It
Kaine Will Not Issue Blanket Restoration of Rights
Kaine Says Democrats Right to Threaten Sledd Confirmation
Sledd Putting Assets in Blind Trust
Virginia Tax Revenues Continue to Lag in December
McDonnell Takes Office Saturday
McDonnell to Begin Term with [...]

McDonnell Holds Roundtable at Regional Jail
Janet Howell Says Democrats Have Votes to Block Sledd
More on Kaine Interview with WAPO
Kaine Names Cannaday to Board of Ed
McDonnell, White House reject Robertson’s Haiti Comments
Despite Disagreement on Haiti, Robertson Remains Invited to Inaugural
Fairfax Workers Rescuing People in Haiti
No Drama Present as Assembly Convenes
Legislators Wary About VITA-Northrop Grumman Deal
Chesterfield Superintendent [...]