Poll Shows Allen with 13 Point Lead Allen Challenges Kaine on Offshore Drilling Super PAC to Take Aim at Kaine Senate Passes Its Redistricting Plan Senate Okays Plan that Ends Smith Seat Senate Dems Plan Splits Lynchburg Bolling Says McDonnell Should Reject Maps without Bipartisan Support Senate, House Likely to Propose Different Congressional Maps Debate […]

Norfolk Takes Hit in Tussle with Florida Over Carrier Continuing Tradition: Warner Talks Up Federal Workers McDonnell PAC Beefs Up McDonnell in the Sunshine State Economic Study Touts Governor’s Plan 2 Turnovers Would Shift Senate Power Doug Wilder, the NFL and Arab Spring of 2011 Could Holton’s ’78 Senate Bid Infleunce Kaine Signer to Focus […]

McDonnell Says He’d Likely Accept VEEP Spot if Asked Pep Rally for Kaine Beyer Rules Out Senate Race Candidates Sought for High Court Budget Deal Off to Balky Start Compromise Reached Over Alcohol Billboards McDonnell Urges Lawmakers to Add Money for Developmentally Disabled Legislators Differ on Group Home Proposals Senate Panel Refuses to Hear Illegal […]

Webb’s Statement Obama Calls Webb Webb Going, Dems Look to Kaine Eyes Turn to Kaine Webb’s Decision Scramble 2012 Senate Race Webb’s Announcement Heats Up GOP Showdown Real Clear Politics Ranks Virginia Iffy for Obama in 2012 Justice Hassell Dies at 55 Reactions to Hassell Passing JFCOM Downsizing to be Complete by March, 2012 Rendell […]

Cantor Believes Obama is U.S. Citizen Cantor: 60B in Cuts Now, More Later Virginia Expects Scathing U.S. Critique of System of Caring for the Developmentally Disabled Plan to Boost Disabilities Funding a Start But Still Not Enough Data Show Drop in Criminal Firepower During Assault Weapon Ban Bills Take Aim at Sunday Hunting Ban Allen […]

McDonnell’s State of the Commonwealth Address McDonnell Urges Lawmakers to Lead McDonnell Calls for Civility and Borrowing $2.9B Democratic Reactions McDonnell Makes Hard Sell for Transportation McDonnell Reveals ABC Plan Governor Needs House Sponsor for Liquor Plan McDonnell to Call for Hushed Rhetoric McDonnell Security Tightened Cantor Speaks on House Floor for Resolution Honoring Victims […]

McDonnell to Unveil New ABC Plans Retooled Plan to Bring Upfront Cash How Will Democrats React to McDonnell’s Ambitious Agenda McDonnell Will Back More Abortion Clinic Regulations Some Sit Out Anti-Abortion Rally to Avoid Confronting McDonnell McDonnell Says He Can’t Back Marshall’s Virginia Currency Bill McDonnell Approval 51%, Obama 44% State GOP Rolls Out Unified […]

Virginia Flags Lowered for Arizona Shooting Victims Cantor, Staff Observe Moment of Silence Commander Says JFCOM to be Shut in  10 Months, 1900 Positions Cut Governor Creates Bipartisan Redistricting Panel Democratic Statement on McDonnell Commission McDonnell to Propose Keeping State in Wholesale Liquor Biz McDonnell Promotes Tourism with Garth Brooks Publisher to Replace Faulted Textbooks […]

Warner, Webb Ready to Repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Virginia Unemployment Steady at 6.8% McDonnell’s Statement to Money Committees McDonnell Unveils Budget Amendment Proposals McDonnell Punishes VCU for 24% Tuition Hike McDonnell Proposes Changes in K-12 Funding Reactions Howell Announces $275,000 in House Savings Dems Accuse GOP of Playing Games on Transportation O’Malley Won’t Join […]

Hudson Strikes Down Part of Health Care Law Years of Wrangling Lie Ahead for Health Law Cuccinelli on the Health Care Ruling Cuccinelli Fundraising Off Health Care Win McDonnell Urges Fast Track to High Court, Dems Blast Cuccinelli Cantor Calls for Expedited Review JFCOM Told to Expect 40%-50% Workforce Cuts JLARC Says VRS Underfunded Virginia […]

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