Cantor Escalates GOP Demands on Debt Limit
Warner Says JFCOM Closure Could Prompt Brain Drain
Supreme Court Renews Death Probe in CVTC Case
Bedford City Boards Vote to Sue Bedford County School Board Over School Closure
Next 6 Year Roads Plan Contains $2.6 Billion More
Shad Planking
Stewart Eyes Senate Bid
Marshall Still Interested in Senate Run
Hampton Roads Leaders Praise Senate Dems [...]

Republicans Hit Kaine After Obama Speech
Long Shot Alternative to Kaine
Dueling Congressional Maps
CNU Report Says New Legislative Districts Would be Worse Than Old
Senate Dems Respond to Prince William County and NAACP Redistricting Attack
Civil Rights Group Says Proposed Prince William Magisterial Boundaries Would Dilute Minority Voice
Gay Groups Press McDonnell on Regs for Adoption, Fostering
Cuccinelli Says Adoptions Regs [...]

Attorney Floats Compromise on the 10 Commandments
McDonnell Invites Obama to Celebrate Sequicentennial in VA
Bolling Endorses Allen
Kaine, Allen Back Budget Deal, Radtke Opposed
Allen Backs Budget Deal, Grudgingly
Senate Candidates on Debt Ceiling
Allen Raises $1.5M
Trump Backs Cuccinelli on Health Care Review
House, Senate Advance Competing Congressional Maps
Why Dems Want Roanoke in the 9th
Dems Put Lynchburg in 5th Congressional District
Stewart [...]

Hudson Rules Hamilton’s Emails with Wife Can Be Used in Trial
House, Senate Okay Legislative Lines, Next Stop Governor
Dems Would Put Forbes in Majority-Minority District
Scott Backs Senate’s Influence District Proposal
Senate Map Puts Roanoke in 9th
Stewart Blasts Dems State Senate Redistricting Plan
Phillips Expected to Retire, Shuler Won’t Run
Warner, Chambliss Warn Against Growing U.S. Debt
Radtke Challenges Allen on [...]

Poll Shows Allen with 13 Point Lead
Allen Challenges Kaine on Offshore Drilling
Super PAC to Take Aim at Kaine
Senate Passes Its Redistricting Plan
Senate Okays Plan that Ends Smith Seat
Senate Dems Plan Splits Lynchburg
Bolling Says McDonnell Should Reject Maps without Bipartisan Support
Senate, House Likely to Propose Different Congressional Maps
Debate Intensifies Over Gay Adoption Rules
Stewart Plans Media Blitz [...]

Norfolk Takes Hit in Tussle with Florida Over Carrier
Continuing Tradition: Warner Talks Up Federal Workers
McDonnell PAC Beefs Up
McDonnell in the Sunshine State
Economic Study Touts Governor’s Plan
2 Turnovers Would Shift Senate Power
Doug Wilder, the NFL and Arab Spring of 2011
Could Holton’s ‘78 Senate Bid Infleunce Kaine
Signer to Focus on PAC, Not Senate Run
Survey Shows Allen with [...]

Salem Council Expected to Delay Chicken Vote
McDonnell Walks Tightrope
McDonnell Talks to Obama at White House
Cantor: Defense of Marriage Act Action by Friday
Radtke Says Republicans Must Do More to Cut Spending, Including Cantor
Lawmakers Reflect on the Session
Lawmakers Reject Governor’s Plan for Sex Offenders
U.S. Files Response to Virginia Health Care Challenge
Bay Advocates Retire
Hope Tried to Ban Smoking [...]

Anti-Abortion Group Releases Video of Richmond Planned Parenthood
$152M Increase in Projected Revenue
House Approves McDonnell’s Roads Plan
McDonnell, Duncan Discuss No Child Left Behind
Plan to Divert School Money for Pensions Draws Fire
House and Senate Pass Phys Ed Mandates
House Panel Rejects Ban on Red Light Cameras
House Panel Okays Protective Orders Bill, in Wake of Love’s Death
Synthetic Pot Bill [...]

Giles County School Board Votes to Rehang Ten Commandments in Schools
McDonnell’s Fundraising Shrinks Dems Edge
Democrat ¬†Files Bill on McDonnell’s ABC Plan to Get Republicans on Record
Locke Says Repeal Amendment Sounds Like 1861
House Panel Says No to More Restrictions on Driving
Senate Advances Car Title Lending Bill
Bill to Tighten Rules for Abortion Clinics Advances
House Moves to Rescind [...]

Virginia High Court Upholds College Gun Ban
December Revenue Collections Up, Total Tax Collection Slightly Behind Forecast
McDonnell Unveils Government Reform Agenda
McDonnell Wants Part of Sales Tax Revenue for Roads
Ag Board Targeted by McDonnell Cost State $150
Democrats May Introduce McDonnell Liquor Bill in House
Hamilton Pleads Not Guilty
McDonnell Calls Hamilton Indictment “Tragedy on Many Levels”
Activists, Marshall, Lobby McDonnell [...]