Conservative Groups Launch Anti-Obama Ads
Hampton Roads Congressmen Chide Warner and Webb Over Carrier Moves
McDonnell Not Interested in Reviving Virginia Climate Panel
McDonnell, Cuccinelli Fly to Vail for Koch Bothers Seminar
Dems Gather at the Homestead
Redistricting Has Some Legislators Househunting
Martin, Houck Running
Thomas Running Against Ruff
Virginia Conservators Police Powers Raise Questions in D.C. Area
Backup on Way for State Troopers
New [...]

Marshall Takes Flag Flap to Bernake
Warner Disappointed that Talks Unraveled
McDonnell Asks SBA for Tornado Aid
Did McDonnell Tip Liberals to Koch Confab
Houck Running
Donors Provided $24,000 for Hamilton Defense
Goochland Treasurer Losses at $230,000
Falwell Appointed to Manufacturing Development Board
“Reasonable Assurance” for Bypass Funding

Virginia Declared an Economic Winner: Who Gets Credit
Bolling Backing Romney
Jasen Eige to Direct McDonnell’s Policy Shop
Federal Budget Cuts Cost State, Local Governments$ 9M in Homeland Security Grants
State and Federal Officials Talk about Wind Energy Off Coast
Warner Calls for Cost Cutting on Dulles Rail Project
Mayors Back Webb’s Criminal Justice Bill
Griffith Introduces EPA Regulatory Relief Act
Gun Rights [...]

Robinson Picked for Florida Post
McDonnell Focuses on National Issues in Boys State Speech
McDonnell to Paris, Vail and the Homestead
McDonnell Symbolically Signs Bills to Reduce Recidivism
McDonnell, Bolton Chat
France Trip for Lawmakers
Mitchell Announces for New NOVA Senate District
20th District Gets 3 Way Senate Race
Toscano Assured Local Projects Won’t Be Raided for Bypass Funds
Richmond Set for $60M Windfall
City, [...]

Justice Approves Redistricting Plans
Virginia Unemployment Rate Falls to 6%
Allen Launches New Website
Perriello: No Plans for 2012
Connolly Asks President to Golf in Fairfax
McDonnell Flies to France But Not to See Uranium
Bolling Talks Jobs
Light v. Puckett
Stanley v. Reynolds (and perhaps Evans)
Renting Making a Comeback in Hampton Roads
Rigell Proposes Using Old Barges to Stem Tangier Island Erosion
Tobacco Group Issues Raised [...]

Cantor Memo Reveals GOP Summer Plan
Warner Fights for U.S. Jobs
McDonnell Criticizes Napolitano for Ignoring Request
Goode for President?
McDougle Running
Allen Backs Tito the Builder Over Frederick
Hamilton Relying on Donations to Pay Legal Bills
Griffith Says Regulating Suspected Cancer Causing Chemicals Could Cost District 1000 Jobs
Cattle Farmer to Seek GOP Nomination Against Goodlatte
Richmond Builder Picked for Jail Wants Job [...]

Cantor Says GOP Pressed Obama to Stop Demagoguery
Cantor Asks Obama to Keep Tax Hikes Out of Debt Talks
Virginia Dems Supported Clean Debt Ceiling Hike
McDonnell Announces Incentive to Save State Funds
Kaine to Headline Chesterfield Dems Event
Armstrong Appears Set to Take on Poindexter
Marsh to Run, Morrissey Mum on Possible Challenge
Cox Running
Reynold to Leave Administration
Dodson Running
Dems Think Dodson [...]

Dempsey Fast Tracked from Fort Monroe to Joint Chiefs Chair
McDonnell Says Better Communication Might Have Saved Love’s Life
Colgan Running
House, Senate Far Apart on Congressional Redistricting
Stuart Yet to File Election Expenses
Virginia Lawmakers Say Army Plan for Mark Center is Bad
Ozmore Resigns from ABC Board
Pulaski Town Councilman Charged with DUI
Insurance Premiums to Drop for Some Under New [...]

GOP Lines Up for Assembly Seats, But Few Democrats
New Prison Sits Empty at Cost of More than $300,000 per Year
Localities to Bear Brunt of $10M Redistricting Cost
Little Known Donner Mounts Long Shot Senate Bid
Portsmouth Seeks to Move Jail Off Water
Rebuilding Process Underway in Washington County
Henrico Resolute on Fixing School Disparities

DOJ Requests Interviews with Redistricting Legislators
Webb Says U.S. Blase’ On Use of Force
Blunt Challenges Cantor on Aid Offsets
Dems Push Allen for Firm Position on Ryan Budget
Hochul Prevails in NY 26
McDonnell Still Wants to Back a Governor
McDonnell Won’t Intervene in Soering Case
House R’s Raise More than $500,000 at Annual Retreat
Kaine on Star Tek Closing
Virginia Gets a [...]