RNC Says Obama’s Prospects in Virginia Far From Certain
Goode for President?
Webb Asks Obama to Jusify Libyan Intervention
Cantor Asks GOP Senate Candidates to Support House Budget Plan
Robinson Considered for Florida Education Commissioner
Juvenile Justice Board Backs Ban on Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Assembly To Resume Redistricting Fight
Roanoke in Contention as Lawmakers Resume Redistricting
ACLU Proposes Congressional Redistricting Plan
Quayle Frets about [...]

Republicans Hit Kaine After Obama Speech
Long Shot Alternative to Kaine
Dueling Congressional Maps
CNU Report Says New Legislative Districts Would be Worse Than Old
Senate Dems Respond to Prince William County and NAACP Redistricting Attack
Civil Rights Group Says Proposed Prince William Magisterial Boundaries Would Dilute Minority Voice
Gay Groups Press McDonnell on Regs for Adoption, Fostering
Cuccinelli Says Adoptions Regs [...]

Judge Refuses To Dismiss Hamilton Charges
McDonnell Civil War Proclamation Condemns Slavery
Mixed Results for McDonnell in Veto Session
Lawmakers Okay Abortion Coverage Limits
Senate Sustains McDonnell’s PE Bill Veto
McDonnell Gets Long Sought Seat on Metro Board
Assembly Overrides Medical Malpractice Veto
Senate Rejects McDonnell Bill to Cut PBS Funds
UVA Gets $2.7M for Rotunda Repairs
Virginia Not Applying for High Speed Rail [...]

Kaine Announces
Kaine Enters
Allen on Kaine’s Entry
Radtke on Kaine’s Entry
Kaine and Allen Go At It
House Advances Redistricting Plan
Abortion, Adoption Rights Dominate
McDonnell Opposes Allowing Same Sex Couples to Adopt
Gay Rights Group Blasts Marshall Over Proposed Adoption Changes
Howell Calls McDonnell Zealot on Social Issues
McDonnell Plans Asia Trade Trip
Assembly Looking to Fill High Court Vacancies
Legislators Quiz Bench Candidates
Goodlatte Seeks [...]

Poll Says Obama Leads Likely Opponents in Virginia
Kaine Will Likely Announce Senate Decision Next Week
Evidence Perriello Would Make it a Race
Cuccinelli Applauds Court Decision in Military Funeral Case
McDonnell Weighs Changes on Filing Sexual Abuse Lawsuits
Autism Bill Waiting for Governor McDonnell
Lawmakers Will Allow Special Approach for Troubled Vets in Local Courts
Advocates Hopeful of Parole Board Revamp
Griffith [...]

Salem Council Expected to Delay Chicken Vote
McDonnell Walks Tightrope
McDonnell Talks to Obama at White House
Cantor: Defense of Marriage Act Action by Friday
Radtke Says Republicans Must Do More to Cut Spending, Including Cantor
Lawmakers Reflect on the Session
Lawmakers Reject Governor’s Plan for Sex Offenders
U.S. Files Response to Virginia Health Care Challenge
Bay Advocates Retire
Hope Tried to Ban Smoking [...]

Cantor “Taken Aback” By Obama Move not to Defend Marriage Laws
Radtke Blasts Obama for Not Defending Marriage Act
Senate Passes Bill to Regulate Abortion Clinics Like Hospitals
Cuccinelli Reaction
African-Americans Split in School Choice Battle
McDonnell Balanced Budget Proposal Dies in Senate
House Nominates McClanahan for Supreme Court
Virginia to Invest Nearly $8M in Prince William Commuter Parking
Lawmakers Raise Medical Malpractice [...]

1. The Kaine Preference
The Democratic Party establishment made it clear at the JJ dinner last might that Tim Kaine is its first choice for a Senate nominee to replace Jim Webb. Speaker after speaker expressed their perference for the former Governor openly and directly. And while Kaine told an interviewer just a few weeks ago [...]

Obama Says Kaine Would be Great Senator
Kaine Won’t Announce Intention This Weekend
Elleithee Says 5 Dems Could Win
Would Perriello Be Better for Obama?
Allen Best Be Wary of Grassroots
McDonnell Helps Cantor Raise Money
Ticer to Retire
Evans Announces Run Against Reynolds to Tea Party
Senators Brawl Over Ploy to Kill Hotel Occupancy Tax
Antiabortion Bills Fail in Senate Committee
Roanoke Labor Day [...]

Virginia Chooses March 6 for 2012 Presidential Primary
Kaine Could Speak with Obama Today
Kinser to be Sworn In as Chief Justice
State Posts 12.6% Revenue Growth in January
McDonnell Laments Senate Killing Tax Credits for Private School Tuition
Split Senate Committee Advances Property Rights Amendment
House Panel Kills Bill to Add Legal Protections for Gay State Employees
Inmate Work Rest Stop [...]