A little more than two weeks ago, I wrote the following about Delegate Bob Marshall.
Marshall in the Middle
Has anyone noticed just how often Bob Marshall shows up right in the middle of all the recent hot button controversies? Marshall was first to the Virginia post in calling the health care bill unconstitutional. He was the [...]

Large Roanoke Crowd Expected for Palin’s Going Rogue Signing
Virginia Jobless Rate Falls to 6.3%
Kaine Requests Federal Aid to Help Storm Victims
McDonnell Phones Senate Dems
Phil Cox to Head New McDonnell PAC
Cuccinelli Special Election Set for January 12
Fimian Announces Support for Congressional Run Against Connolly
Blue Dogs Run with Wold as He Fights Deficit
Virginia Beach to Begin Selecting Villanueva’s [...]

Howell Calls for Ethics Investigation of Hamilton
McDonnell, Bolling and Mullins Call for Hamilton’s Resignation, He Refuses
McDonnell and Bolling Suggest it is Best for Hamilton to Resign 
House Democrats Join the Hamilton Fray
Armstrong Wants Hamilton Inquiry to Be Public
Deeds Highlights Small Business Initiatives
National HuckPAC Volunteers Helping McDonnell
New VITA Chief Meets with Top Managers
Virginia Submits First Application for [...]

The Wedge:  Occurs when a candidate raises an issue where an important component of the opponent’s base holds a position that may be at odds with the outlook of the general public. The wedge is normally employed to compel your opponent to choose between angering core supporters and appealing to the general voter.
The wedge has [...]

The Pre-Election Obituary: Occurs when the media and other cognoscenti decide in advance of a single vote being cast that a candidate has not lived up to expectations. Most often published in response to bad polling numbers, a Pre-Election Obituary can occur even in their absence if observers are unhappy with the nature of a candidate’s campaign. [...]

It didn’t take long.
Just one month of fundraising numbers!
For anonymous Democrats to be wondering out loud (to their friends in the media) whether Tim Kaine’s arrangement to be a part-time DNC Chair this year will damage the party’s electoral chances.
In February, the RNC outraised the DNC $5.1 million to $3.3 Million.
One brave anonymous source told [...]

It’s a great week when you get two entries for the playbook.
On Tuesday, we had The Invite.
Today we have The Gift.
In politics, The Gift occurs when a party or a candidate through their own behavior provides an opponent with an issue, an opportunity or an advantage they would otherwise not have.
The Jeff Frederick Show has been, without a doubt, the [...]

Earlier this morning, I wrote about how ”The Invite” is becoming the hot new political tactic. 
It works this way.
I take a position on an issue or a controversy and then I ask my political opponent, who I know does not share my point of view,  to “join me” in making a statement about the matter.
And then when [...]

They get paid to think this stuff up?
Here’s the latest trick in the never ending quest to extend the news cycle?
You take a position on an issue that receives media coverage.
A few days later you invite your political opponents or members of the other party who do not share your position to “join you” in some activity [...]